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  1. Hi Garth, What I meant was, we keep the page file on the C drive at 800MB min and 800MB Max. We actually partition the C drive at 30GB on a W2k8 machine and install all programs etc on the D.
  2. Hello, I know the commands to set paging file (wmic pagefileset) but what I need is a script that will query the amount of physically installed memory first and then multiply it by 1.5x. Does anyone have a script that I can use please? Or know of an easy way to do this? We like to create partitions and move the page file to the D drive and leave the C drive a just 800MB. I am deploying to W2k8 R2 servers. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Hello, First of all, I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong place. This is my first topic submission. I have deployment experience with MDT and SCCM 2012 but this is my first time using the HP Proliant Task Sequence. I have had nothing but issues with this since it went in. It appears that it works from default, but when I make any changes, the jobs fail. First change I made was to install features. I needed to install Dotnet 3.5 and Telnet Client as part of the TS. I added this step in at the end before it resets the reboot variable and ticked the required b
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