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  1. I would go with a CAS as it sounds like you are large enough to justify. Don't forget you can put the Distribution Point on any Windows Server (even a desktop) so you shouldn't have to pull anything over-the-wire frequently. My instructor recommended to put the SQL on the SCCM server but it depends on politics. If you end up going this way just ensure you monitor the maintenance/backup tasks and try to procure as much hardware as the budget allows. If you need any help with the MB orifice, and can be onsite!
  2. Bing is your friend... Just put in lots of screenshots for filler!
  3. I would convert it using the new Hyper-V tool first. If it goes south you would have a fallback point.
  4. It was difficult to find this stuff before they renamed it: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/enterprise-client/w/wiki/7431.dell-client-command-suite
  5. There is definitely pent-up demand for Win9 with all the FUD around Win8...time will tell of course
  6. I have the Dell and the HP integration software setup but I haven't tried the warranty modules. There wasn't any issues except I had to completely uninstall post R2 upgrade before I could install the latest version. Let us know how you fare with the Warranty info stuff...
  7. You think these numbers are positive, wait until the sheep see Windows 9/the Great Mohave Experiment Part II...
  8. I agree, they do their best work when they are cornered or the under-dog...
  9. It was to be expected after a major acquisition and leadership changes. Hopefully something/anything can make the old gorilla faster to market...
  10. I'm totally lost on how to get started/best practice with this as well as it seems everyone has a different process they use. Are you planning on a noob how-to guide for this Niall? Thanks
  11. Hi Fellas: My org has decided to switch from Dell to HP and I'm trying to figure out how to import the HP drivers into SCCM 2012. I have installed the HP CIK and when I use the import utility it runs until about 90% and then throws the following error: Error - Import HP Client Driver Pack Access to the path: \\configman\SMS_MCC\OSD\Lib\DriverPackages\HP\Client\sp61387 is denied. If I am running the import as the all-powerful localadmin I don't understand why it is throwing an access denied message (story of my life). This is the default path the utility is using - i
  12. What a shame...this doesn't bode well for the future of on-prem SCCM...but we already knew that
  13. lolz - scary but true
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