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  1. Hallo dear WDS experts, I need your knowledge for solving a "little problem" with WDS I am developing a Powershell script that allows to handle WDS. A little parto in my script allow to install drives from a file server to remote WDS server in different locations (geographically speaking). I detect, during the updating drives process, the bandwith used is aroung 2 MB. In my case, I would like to increase it for updating the load speed but I have not idea where I can find the parameter or where I can change the bandwith during this process.
  2. DHCP and WDS are running in the same machine?
  3. Hallo, I arrive a little late but I hope to help a little. In my case we use a volume licenses. Then, the license key is injected during the unattended installation. You can do it using scripts naturally. The new system knows that we have a license server in our network. Sometimes you need to activate using comand line as for example At the command prompt, type the following: cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs –skms YOURLICENSESERVER At the command prompt, type the following: cscript c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato
  4. Thanks for helping me Jörgen. Currently I can deploy Windows 7 and Windows 8 if machines are running in legacy mode. But new models come now under UEFI mode with GPT partition. When this machine connect to WDS and you try to install Windows 7 or Windows 8 you receive an error about digital signature directly. If you swap in each new machine UEFI mode to LEGACY mode, then this new machine can connect correctly and you can install systems perfectly.
  5. Hallo WDS experts, I would like to share with all one problem that I have. Last year I have configured WDS under WS2012 that helps me a lot in my job. Now all installations are complete unattended includind software and some customizations. Now I am starting to receive new computers with windows 8. These computers are using UEFI BIOS instead LEGACY BIOS. When I try to install windows using WDS, the installation fails. I would like to ask if somebody has experience in this field using WDS.
  6. Hi everybody, I would like to ask help with the role "Remote Desktop Services" under windows server 2012. The main objetive is provide pools of virtual machines for users who need one because his notebook is too old for install windows 7/8. People then will works with their personal dektop integrated in AD with all domain resources available. Current Status: I have installed 3 machines called "vs-dc" (domain controller), "vs-test04" (windows server 2012) and "vs-test05" (windows server 2012). In each machine I have done: * VS-DC: I have not change nothing in AD (including schemas). * VS-TEST04: I have installed remote desktop services. In this server is running "RD Web Access", "RD Connection Broker", "RD Virtualization Host" and "Remote Desktop Session Host". I have deployed one colletion under 4 virtual machines, running 2 virtual machines in this server. * VS-TEST05: I have installed remote desktop services. In this server is running "RD Virtualization Host" and "Remote Desktop Session Host". Here I have running 2 virtual machines in this server. Main Objetive: Now, my main idea is when a user need a virtual desktop, he launch out VPN conection and when he is connected, then he launch a remote desktop on vs-test04 or vs-test05 and his session is redirected to this virtual machine. Questions: How can I do it without RDWeb Portal? is it posible?
  7. btdag, I am using virtual machines for do it. Basically I have installed a virtual machine with all updates + software + .... then before to sysprep I make a backup. Then I add a second hard drive and I do a "sysprep". I save the image in the hard drive added before and when it is finishes, I update the new image into WDS Server. When new updates comes, or you need change software, you start with your backup.
  8. Hi edwinyee82, I have a WDS with a lot of Dell Drivers where each model has his own folder. I have update this models and at this moment I have not problem with wifi devices. Maybe something is wrong in your driver database. As I can read, you have few models updated then I suggest rebuild drivers database from the begining. I remember, in the past, when I deployed a specific model of dell (sorry I dont remember now the model), WDS give a incorrect driver failing the installation with a blue screen (it was a nvidia model). If you decide rebuild, rememberm you have to delete first drivers update in WDS role and after it, delete it physically.
  9. Hallo everybody, I would like to ask if you have knowledge in monitoring tools for windows enviroment, specially Windows Server 2012 into a network enviroment. I am searching in internet software but most are demos/free for 30 days/ .... and most open source works under linux infraestructure. I am not searching a complex software with a lot of things. I would like to find the following features - Opensource - Control about performance / services running or not / etc. - Mail nofitication. Thanks for all help that you can provide me.
  10. Hallo! I am very noob with SCCM 2012 and it is hard learning alone. I would like to ask about systems upgrades and I focus my question in windows XP. Could be posible to upgrade from Windows XP to windows ... using SCCM 2012?
  11. Hallo, thanks for your replies. I add windows 7 boot images from \Microsoft Configuration Manager\OSD\boot\ and it works! Yes I have installed all deployment tools but I did not start deployment systems yet. Thanks for your help lads
  12. Hello everybody I have a problem. I am doing SCCM guide updated in this forums and I am trying to connect with a new virtual machine with PXE boot. By error, I deleted boot images in SCCM server (default images) and when I try to upload boot images directly from windows DVD I cant (I copied all data into a shared folder called sources into a subdir). My question is where SCCM save booit images physically and how can I add default boot images. Thanks a lot!
  13. Hello! I am new in this forums I need your experience for solve a little problem. I have a server with Windows Server 2012 as OS with the service WDS running. I would like to allow network installations with Windows 7 and Windows 8, living together. Is it posible? The reason of my question is , in WDS server propierties you can attach xml file for unattended installations under kind of architecture. In this file you make partitions. Windows 7 need a partition called "system reserved" with 100 MB and windows 8 need the same partition but with 350 MB as size. Somebody has configured this service with multiple operative systems?
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