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  1. Yes to both. Microsoft said "Sorry we are very busy now and your ticket will be assigned to a rep as soon as one becomes available". I am going to try the ADSIEdit option you mentioned. It was suggested by another knowledgeable person like yourself... so I will see if that helps. Thanks for your feedback. I will be sure to let you know how it goes and what the ultimate resolution is. A fresh of the virtual servers and then reinstalling System Center probably woudl not do anything because of how it ties into AD, correct?
  2. The Child Site no longer exists. It was uninstalled. It does not appear in the Config Mgr on the CAS when I look in Site Configuration-Sites. Only the CAS shows. No other sites. When I try to uninstall the CAS, it says, the CAS cannot be uninstalled because it has child sites. I don't know why.
  3. But if it updates from the CAS, and the CAS has bad data, will the child site still "appear" to be there?
  4. Entries For System Center that can be edited in ADSIEdit?
  5. I believe there are specific AD entires for System Center (SMS) and that is where the CAS is still seeing the old primary site. Do you know the entries in AD that system center makes for CAS and Primary sites?
  6. Hi, I am rather stuck and appreciate the assistance. We have a Dev environment of System Center 2012 (Server 2008 R2, System Center 2012) that has a history of SQL replication issues between the CAS and the only Primary Site, and we finally got the ok to remove it and install from scratch. The cause of the replication issues was an upgrade from SQL standard to SQL Enterprise. The partition size was not formatted. It was before my time here, but I believe that was the case. I had to use the preinst.exe / DELSITE command to remove the Primary site, which was successful. When I open Config Mgr on the CAS, the old primary site is not there. Under Administration, Site Configuration, Sites, it only lists the CAS, no other sites listed. When I look in Servers and Site System Roles, I see the CAS and the SQLServer in the same site code. When I run the config manager install and select Uninstall a Configuration Manager Site, it prompts, Are you sure you want to uninstall the site Central Administration Site - DEV (site code is SOA)? I select Yes, and it errors out "The site has a child site(s) attached to it. You must uninstall all child sites first. Click the View Log button for more information" The log does not specify what child site is sees of course. My thought is that since there were replication issues before, the CAS is not aware that the Primary Site has been removed. I ran the preinst.exe /DELSITE ADA and the return response is: Cnnot find the site [ADA] in teh site control data in the database. Checking in ServerData in the database. Failed to execute SQL Query My thought is that is cannot connect to the SQL instance or dbase and does not "know" the parent site has been removed. Is there a way to update this manually? Or enable the CAS to get the updated site state?
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