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  1. I am trying to create boot media and every time I try it fails stating. "Media Creation failed with error message: 'A required privilege is not held by the client' I have disabled UAC, added my account and the server account to "Manage auditing and security logs" via GPO, ran-as admin and I am scratching my head at this point. Attached are my CreateTsMedia logs and a screenshot of the error. CreateTsMedia.log
  2. I have about 20 device collections that won't delete. It promts with a SQL error stating "Collection Cannot be deleted becuase it is refrenced by another collection" SQLseverity: = 15 SQLStatus: = 5000 StatusCode: = 2147749889 But inside the CM console i have looked through all my collections and they are not refrenced. I am looking for a SQL statement to go into the DB and delete them that way, I would assume it would be similar to deleteing a package (see below) Delete from ContentDPMap where ContentID='CAS00242' Delete from DistributionStatus where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from CI_ContentPackages where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgAccess where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from SMSPackages_G where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from SMSPackages_L where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgPrograms_G where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgPrograms_G where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgServers_G where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgServers_L where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgStatus_G where ID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgStatus_L where ID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgStatusHist where PkgID='CAS00242' Delete from PkgNotification where PkgID='CAS00242' Thank You
  3. Install VMware Tools on Windows 2008 and copy the entire contents of the C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\vmxnet, pvscsi and vmxnet3 folders to your CAS and import these drivers and then add them to your boot image.
  4. In our live production environment I have deleted some device collections that had active application, package and Task Sequence deployments. After I deleted these device collections it triggered a re-replication of all content. The logs show my account deleting the collections from the CAS but for all the packages and applications the logs say I "modified the package properties of a package named" XYZ. but in the logs it says I performed these actions from a "Unknown Machine". Any body else seen this or experience this before?
  5. The script below will tell me the uptime on PC's. I want to add the language that says if Uptime is greater than X amount of days then it will send a reboot in 15 Mins. Any help would be appreciated. # This PS script provides Uptime and Pingstatus for list of computers. ####################################################################### $names = Get-Content "C:\Test\computers.txt" @( foreach ($name in $names) { if ( Test-Connection -ComputerName $name -Count 1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) { $wmi = gwmi Win32_OperatingSystem -computer $name $LBTime = $wmi.ConvertToDateTime($wmi.Lastbootuptime) [TimeSpan]$uptime = New-TimeSpan $LBTime $(get-date) Write-output "$name Uptime is $($uptime.days) Days" Write-Host "$name Uptime is $($uptime.days) Days" -ForegroundColor Green } else { Write-output "$name is not pinging" Write-Host "$name is not pinging" -ForegroundColor Red } } ) | Out-file -FilePath "C:\Test\results1.csv"
  6. We have windows xp workstations that have roughly 40GB on the C: drive and the D: drive around 100GB. When migarting to win 7 we are only having one large partiton and no longer a C: and D: like on the XP Machines. If my D: drive is filled with 80GB of data and my c: drive isnt even that large to copy all data over to C: how do i grab all user date from c: and D: and save if for the hardlink. to migrate to windows 7 and restore all data back to C:.
  7. Need help with how to set " Schedule a full update on this collection" for Device collections. I have a PowerShell script that creates over 90 Device collections for our environment in the Test lab right now. I can set all the setting I need even "Incremental updates" but I cannot figure out how to set a full schedule in the PowerShell Script. looking for any help. Thank You.
  8. Ok I added the MDT package and It moved further along. I get the error 0x00002A31 at first then when I close it I get the same error 0x4005 (16389) Thanks for the help, I will keep digging into this.
  9. No I am not running the MDT package. Should I run the MDT package 1st? I am new to incorporating the runbooks into a TS
  10. I am having issues with a Task Sequence executing a runbook, I have created a Task Sequence with 1 step to "execute runbook" and I get error 0x4005(16389). the runbook kicks off a series of task to prep the machine for a MIP to windows 7. Does the machine I am running the TS from need permissions to execute runbooks in Orch or a system account? I have attached the smsts logs and 2 screen shots of the errors. smsts.log
  11. If you have a known list if your Laptops and Desktops you can build one collection to target the System models for laptops. I will attach my query tomorrow and show you how I make those queries. .
  12. I need to know if it is possible to connect to the CM server with the CM Console through VPN. I currently have a Windows 7 Desktop that I use to VPN in the network to manage the SCCM server by RDP. But if I install the CM console on the Windows 7 box I can’t connect to the site. I can only connect if I RDP to the server. I even added the IP's and the FQDN in the host file on the Windows 7 machines. Not sure if it is even possible. Garrett
  13. We have all Dells in the Enterprise. Would i just change the name to Dell? Thanks for the information above.
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