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  1. is this only on one PC or all of your XP boxes? Was it working before?
  2. Never mind, I figured it out. You have to use the X86 Boot image and it was good to go.
  3. I am trying to pull an image from a Windows 7 box using capture media. The task starts and the Windows 7 box boots into WinPE, but then it says that the megasas2.sys file is missing or corrupt. I cannot continue wiht the task and the box is basically non-usable. I looked I think that have the file downloaded, but SCCM will not let me import this file as a driver or file. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could cause this? I am running SCCM 2007 R3 on Svr 2K8 R2 and I am trying to pull a Windows 7 Entrprise X64 bit image. Any help would be great appreciated.
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