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  1. As an administrator, how can I temporarily disable Endpoint Protection on a single client? I would like to not allow users the ability, but to do it instantaneously from the server on a single client.
  2. How do I find what systems are missing updates, products, etc? I assume it's in there somewhere, but I can't find it. It would make sense that in the pie chart where you show me 1 system requires this package... that I click on that to see what one, but I guess not.
  3. I have verified the DNS records point to the server from http://onecenterms.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/how-to-check-dns-srv-record-for-sccm-mpmanagement-point/ C:\Users\mhammett>nslookup Default Server: rudolf.ics.local Address: > set type=SRV > _mssms_mp_001._tcp.ICS.local Server: rudolf.ics.local Address: _mssms_mp_001._tcp.ICS.local SRV service location: priority = 0 weight = 0 port = 80 svr hostname = chrysler.ics.local chrysler.ics.local internet address = >
  4. I'm using http://blogs.technet.com/b/anilm/archive/2012/05/06/managing-workgroup-clients-in-configuration-manager-2012.aspx as a reference. I copied the client folder to the local machine. I ran ccmsetup.exe /mp:Chrysler /logon SMSSITECODE=001 It installed the client, but it isn't showing up in my management console. I have refreshed as well as closed and reopened the console. Ideas?
  5. In Step 1 how do I get Vista and 2008 R2 in the OS list? In my current SCCM setup, those are the only machines I have.
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