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  1. I had created a second DP and did not install all the roles and features necessary for a DP site. I went back to that new DP server and installed all the role and features listed for setting up a new SCCM site server just for good measure. I also unchecked the option to use local clients to distribute files. This was causing issues as well. Now cancel your hanging updates, reboot if you want for good measure, and try re installing the patches remaining. It works for me now. Any machines that I had not tried to install patches yet worked fine. In rare cases I am still getting a single patch left that will not download, the other patches state "requires restart". If I restart I am usually able to finish patching.
  2. I went through a lot of forums before finally isolating my issue. I was not able to download patches from SCCM 2012 Sp1 Software Updates. Updates on the systems software center would say "Downloading 0%" and just sit there. My problem was that I had checked "Allow clients to share content with other clients on the same subnet" on the deployment package. After I unchecked this, I am now able to download and install patches. Client logs also showed in the "Deployment Monitoring Tool" (from the Configuration Manager Toolkit) that the status of the patch was "Missing". I can only postulate that the client was attempting to get the patch download from a client locally that did not have the patch in its cache.
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