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  1. I just found the culprit: No default gateway was configured on my DHCP server, i have added a valid IP and now everything working great, even without any internet connection. Now, why 1903 need that one and not lower version .... I am working in a test environment with VMWARE
  2. Hi, I am trying to build and capture image in VM for Windows 10 1903 but impossible to install applications, packages work well I can see this in TransfertService.log: bits job error 0x80200010 When I add a network card with internet access, all works well. It's he goal to not have internet connection during capture process. Same behavior when i image a computer, no access to internet, no way to download application content Once TS terminated, i need to connect the VM to internet in order to install applications All are in CB GĂ©rard
  3. It's 1603 version and yes part of DP Group. I have recreated the application, distribute to the DP group then when done, delete the old application one. This for only one DP .... And the problem cames because impossible to get this grrrrrr PullDP working correctly, as usual and almost as everywhere. Why PullDP make so many problems ... That's incredible that this bug always exists and since so many version .... Gvlaarho
  4. Hi everyone, I am facing a strange issue. After distribution of 3 applications (not packages) failed on a DP, i decide to remove those from the DP by doing this trought the DP propertiets (content tab) Now i am trying to distribute again those application to the DP, but never distributed. The DP is always shown in available DP. Is somebody have an idea ? I can't recreate the applications because we have so many DP and PullDP. Thanks Gvlaarho
  5. Hi All, We facing a critical issue. We have updated a package (not application) version 2 to version 3 that belong to our OSD task sequence. The problem, is that the Task sequence is always looking for A0100XXX.2 but now it's A0100XXX.3 and task sequence failed because sources not found. What's can be the problem ? SCCM 2012 SP1 CU3 The problem occurs for one of our primary site not others Thanks gvlaarho
  6. Hello all, So unfortunatly it's because the large amount of packages that are distributing at the same time .... The only thing we have, wait .... Is there a way to force all Primaries and secondaries to receive first sources when a new package is implemented ? (tool or ...) Apart the way to distribute first on all Primaries, wait until success then second to all secondaries, wait until success then global DP's Nice day all Gvlaarho
  7. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. So yes DB Replication are OK Firewall rules are ok because only some packages are stucking and radomly I try your topics Apexes and working ! Thanks Gvlaarho
  8. Hello, I am facing the same issue on 3 of our 9 secondary sites The problem, about 300 dp's depends of those 3 secondary sites for about 500 packages. I have made Update distribution point for one, and was the solution. But i cant do that for all stucking packages. Any suggestion or solution is wellcome Also running 2012 R2 SP1 5.00.8239.1000 gvlaarho
  9. Hello all, Many times, i have the software updates step in a task sequence that never ends. Always showing Installing 96 of 96 updates (for example) that is so the latest updates. It's like SCCM Client never know that everything is installed and then must pass to other step. TSInstallswupdates.exe must be killed then everything continue .... Staging Windows 7 with office 2013 SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU1 Thanks
  10. You can download ready packages from http://www.smart-arab.com/2013/12/install-dot-net-on-windows-8-1-and-windows-10-offline/
  11. Yes, this topic is a solution one, now works perfectly, just to inform the settings must be set in Specialize pass instead of OOBE one Have a nice day
  12. Another big problem: no way to do the folder redirection http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12618-sccm-2012-r2sp1-osd-with-unattendxml-to-change-the-user-profile-location-doesnt-work-anymore/
  13. Software deployment and updates works perfectly. But i have recreates one new master image and now work well BUT there are a lots of things to take in consideration with SP1 about unattend xml: Topic: custom language: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/12617-sccm-2012-r2sp1-osd-with-unattendxml-custom-language-with-task-sequence-variable-like-osduserlocale-doesnt-work-anymore-solution/
  14. Hello all, I am facing a big issue with OSD with custom unattend xml: As i already signaled in previous post, the oobeSystem pass is completely ignored during OSD with SCCM As the settings <FolderLocation> can only be setup in this pass, it's impossible now to redirect profiles This is a very blocking issue I have test to put manually this settings by pressing f8 before the restart and it's ok So, i thing we need to create a script to change the unattend xml .... Somebody has another solution ?
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