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  1. yes its set to 'continue on error' ,, so I don't think that this step make the TS fail
  2. I've asked you if I can use this guide to deploy Windows 7, and you said yes. anyway this step is not supposed to install anything
  3. Hello again Mr. Anyweb I'm wondering why TS failed when deploying Windows 7 32bit although it worked fine with the 64bit. smsts-20160204-220145.log smsts-20160204-122550.log smsts.log
  4. Ummm, i tried it several time by using Windows 7 media as image, but it failed. i have attached the logs smsts.log smsts-20160112-135849.log smsts-20160112-230738.log
  5. now my question to anyweb, can i use these steps to deploy windows 7 x64 by using non captured OS Image
  6. i meant that i used your steps in detail, and for (Capture Settings) I selected This task sequence will never be used to capture an image
  7. Dear Anyweb i used yur topic to deploy updates for windows 8.1 but this error shown up
  8. what do you mean by client? is it the hyperv workstation or the user computer?? if you mean the hyperv which i have my servers its on the same subnet with SCCM,, but the computers are not on the same subnet,, btw i have configured ip helper
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