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  1. Hi Peter, thanks for the tips! Yes, the branch offices will have their own DP's as there is only a member server at these locations. I think your suggestion may be the way to go here - I'll check it out but it looks promising!
  2. Hi there, Just getting into SCCM 2012 and I have a question about what might be the best way to setup my boundaries. I would like to use our AD sites as it seems to be the least administrative heavy option, however because of our configuration I'm not sure it is possible. The way our AD sites are configured is this - we have all of our major offices with domain controllers created as a site in AD with all of their subnets defined, however we have branch offices that do not have domain controllers in them as they have too few clients located there. Those subnets are defined in the main office AD site instead of having their own site - which from what I have read is the MS best practice. My question is, is there a way to utilize these AD sites as boundaries and somehow override those specific subnets that are for branch offices, or do I have to scrap the AD site plan and do all of these boundaries as ip subnets and manually add the approriate ones to boundary groups? Thanks!
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