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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Been pulling my hair out over this issue all week since changing my SUP server. Adding the server to the default group and viola, all is well. Awesome tip!
  2. Ok. I think I've got the correct log files now. Found 2 different smsts.log files on X: One in Windows\Temp\smtslog and one in X:\smstslog\. Attaching both. One named smsts_win.log is from the windows folder. I hope you can give me some idea as to why it keeps erroring out. smsts.log smsts_win.log
  3. Tried the process again. Once it failed, I pressed F8 and opened a command prompt. Used the suggested command and found 1 smsts.log file in C:\_TaskSequences\Logs. No ccmsetup file found. I've again attached the smsts.log file. smsts.log
  4. My task sequence fails with error code 0x80091007 once it gets to the installation of the configuration manager client. I have followed all the lab instructions and double checked everything. Any ideas what would cause this?
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