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  1. I got this resolved. For anyone else experiencing a similar issue... I also noticed in the location services logs that DNS was being queried for the MP. I added an entry to DNS in the legacy domain and wollah.. Site code found.. Pushed the install to another bunch of boxes in Legacy domains.. no problems..
  2. Hi Guys, My company is in the process of a big data centre consolidation project. We currently have a new domain (in which sccm 2012 is setup) and we have 2 legacy domains. When I perform a client push installation to any box on the new domain it upgrades the client (previosuly 2007) and assigns itself to the new site no problems. However when pushing the client to machines joined to the legacy domains, the setup runs but after completion it fails to assign to the site. In the logs it states Failed to get site version from AD with error 0x87d00215. If I manually uninstall the client the
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