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  1. I already had the FQDN of the site server in the trusted sites but I also added *.MyDomain.com to trusted sites and this solved the problem. Thanks!
  2. I don't think it is possible. Perhaps you've already seen this one, it seems pretty good information: http://blogs.technet.com/b/smsandmom/archive/2007/09/21/changing-domains-and-or-domain-names-with-sms-2003-and-sccm-2007.aspx
  3. Hey guys, my first topic, but a really strange problem. When installing a baremetal pc my multicast works. When reinstalling a computer the multicast doesn't work ... it just starts downloading without counting down and with no multicast-stream. I receive no error and everything is ok except that the multicast never worked. The settings on my windows 7 package are "allow this package to be transferred via multicast (winpe only) with the extra option "Transfer this package only via multicast". When I look at the log files I see no intention to start a multicaststream, thats pretty weird. i'll go a bit into detail about my setup (SCCM SP1): 1 server - SQL 1 server - primary site + distribution point 1 server - distribution point With unknown computers I work with a frontend HTA where I can select wheter to use multicast or not. Depending on that variable the correct wim file is selected and use of multicast or not. When reinstalling computers the correct wim file is selected but there is no multicast session. Downloading just starts ... The variable to use multicast is given with a collection variable and according to the logfile is working. Also I can see on the name that the correct multicast-wim-file is selected. The primary site does not contain the OS-package and multicast is disabled. The distribution point has multicast enabled and obviously contains the os-package for multicasting. Do you guys have any idea?
  4. I've been using this solution and it's pretty good for me. http://schadda.blogspot.be/2012/01/sccm-2012-how-to-catch-errors-in-task.html At the end of the catch error I send an email with a commandline tool (http://retired.beyondlogic.org/solutions/cmdlinemail/cmdlinemail.htm) maybe it's a solution for you
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