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  1. Not sure if anyone is still having this problem, but I received the same error recently. The problem was resolved by going to Administration/Client Settings/Default Client Settings/Software Updates and Enabling software updates. (This is on an SCCM 2012 system.)
  2. I've read in previous posts about adding sysprep information (specifically updateinstalleddrivers=yes) to the "Apply Operating System" task. Is that done by checking the "Use an unattended or Sysprep answer file for a custom installation" box? That would make sense, but it's looking for a package, not just a bare file. However, if I try to create an application or package for deployment, it's looking for an msi file. Do I have to create an msi file that contains only the sysprep.inf file? If so, how do I create that msi file without having Wise, InstallShield, etc.?
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