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  1. Hello! I have been having an issue trying to get the correct storage drivers for a Dell T7400. I have used the Dell WinPE driver packs and the drivers that are listed on the Dell website. Has anyone been able to successfully pxe deploy this model? Every driver I have tried so far does not enable the hard drive to be seen in WinPE. I also have a T7500 and T7600 that is similar hardware that works. Could all the different versions of the drivers I have included conflict with each other? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am new to SCCM and recently took over a system that has been partially configured. I am trying to understand the "best practice" for deploying applications. I think we have an issue with one of our Device Collections that contains various software (about 10 different products). Some of the software is marked as available and the remaining is marked as required. For the required software, I think we have an issue when the software is updated on the computer before we update the version in the Device Collection. How does SCCM handle this scenario? For example, I have Java 7 Update 21 in this Device Collection and a system has Java 7 Update 25 installed. In the event viewer I see an application error of "Product: Java 7 Update 21 -- A newer version of Java is already installed" and in SCCM I have Error Code 0x643 (1603), Fatal error during installation." Is there a setting in SCCM to only attempt to install this required software if it is lower than SCCM's version or does not exist? Is there another way I should be deploying the required software? Also, I want the software to re-install if it is removed somehow from the system.
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