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  1. Not sure if this help microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=945783&kbln=en-us to resolve this issue Download and install the hotfix, manually extract the files to a temporary location. To mount the Winpe.wim file, run the Imagex.exe tool using this command: IMAGEX.EXE /mountrw Path of the WinPE .WIM 1 Staging area and then copy the new Winload.exe file and Winresume.exe file to the System32/boot directory of the mounted Winpe.wim file. Then copy the new Setbcdlocale.dll to the System32 directory. To unmounts Winpe.wim, use the Imagex.exe tool with / commit syntax on this command: IMAGEX.EXE / commit http://www.errorSPAM!/windows/update-0x80004005.html Cheers, Andy
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