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  1. well i ended up rebuilding the xp machine and using ide instead of scsi so i didn't need a mass storage driver but if anyone does have it for win 7 64 bit it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  2. hi guys. im having an issue with a ts osd of win 7 64 bit that im pretty sure is the scsi mass storage driver. i extracted the files from the vmware tools iso but when i imported the drivers into configmgr it says the driver is only compatible with 32 bit win 7. does anybody know where i can find the correct driver? thanks
  3. thanks guys. it turns out the issue looks to be related to the nic driver in the boot image. i've added the vxmnet3 driver for vmware but it doesn't seem to be be working (no ip address in windows pe) any thoughts?
  4. hi guys i'm doing a lab from the book System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: Mastering the Fundamentals by Kent Agerlund, and in it, there is a refresh to win 7 from xp lab using mdt integraated with config manger. I'm following the instructions exactly, but everytime i run the task sequence to install the os, im getting an error even before getting to boot to winpe. Everything seems to be running fine, but then the task sequence errors out with this message Task Sequence: Windows 7 ent x64 has failed with the error code (0x0000264C). For more information, contact your system administrato
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