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  1. Good morning everyone, Is there a way to run a report within SCCM 2012 that will allow you to monitor recurring cpu/memory counters before/after patching? Thanks, Dre
  2. Good morning everyone, This site has helped me understand and get started with SCCM 2012 like no other however I do have a question. We are starting to want to push out patches to our dev environment. I read about the Automatic Deployment rule from the SCCM 2012 guide but we aren't ready to go full speed just yet. My idea was to make a collection with the 8 dev servers in it and setup a maintenance window to push the updates out at a specific time. Does this sound good or is there any other ways this can be done? I'm willing to try anything. Thanks, Dreday
  3. Good morning everyone, I'm a big fan of the site, it actually helped me get certified. I have been tasked with uninstalling a program from 500 PC's using SCCM 2012 but the uninstall script that I'm using is a .bat file. It's not an native .msi. Attachmate Extra! is the program. Could someone please help me get an understanding as to how I would go about setting this up to uninstall? We would like to do this without any user interaction. Thanks, Dreday38
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