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  1. Hi Con, I did see something similar when i was enrolling Windows Phone 10 in the developer preview but now we've got our hands on a 550 and 950 with the actual WP10 release, the display name in SCCM (we're running 2012 R2 SP1 CU2) is still the old naming convention: I did try to edit the phone name before enrolling the device and this hasn't made a difference. Can I just ask you something? Have you been able to push down any policies to the WP10 device yet? So far i've been able to enrol the device but not actually send any policies to it. When checking the monitoring it's sho
  2. yup. They said ignore them for now. Your corrupt folder within the statesys folder will fill up though so i'd clear that down every-so-often until they release CU(whatever). Nothing official but i'll see if I can get that info out of the Intune engineer.
  3. I hate Microsoft as well...but...when you speak to a Microsoft SCCM professional in the UK who resolves the problem, part of my faith becomes restored So those errors in the statesys.log, ignore those. As we all first thought, Microsoft have been clever and added a type ID into Intune that is not recognized by the SCCM database (yet! I stress yet!). They've no idea who done it but it's preparing for a future extension release which is coming soon. They've not said what the extension is though. If you've got any problems pushing down configuration baselines to your mobile devices, all
  4. Morning chaps. So here is what I know... our managed phones cannot receive configuration baselines or apps pushed through SCCM we can remotely retire/wipe and push down compliance policies to my Windows phone I don't understand how a compliance policy (out of the box config so must be at least 6 characters) gets to my Windows phone within minutes yet a simple configuration baseline with the same setting doesn't? The Intune engineer has been in touch this morning and we've given him a login to enrol an iPad he has. I can see it's enrolled and we get the same errors again. At least this
  5. You're right Bumbi85, I think those messages are nothing but... So I'm right back where I started and where all of us have been from the very beginning. I've literally just enabled iOS9 extensions, created a configuration item, added it to a baseline and deployed the baseline to a user collection. I'm not even going to both trying a Windows phone yet. ho-hum. Back to Intune support I go.
  6. I hate to say it but it looks like CU2 might fix the issues. Well it's fixed the missing extensions on my new SCCM environment anyway...however the home lab on the same CU version doesn't have any extensions still so i'm remaining skeptical and confused. Now the next test is to enrol a device and see if the SMS_STATE_SYSTEM critical errors disappear. I'll let you know how I get on.
  7. Just finished upgrading my home lab from SP1 CU1 to CU2 and the compmon.log gets an execution state for all of the other components expect for... Can not get the current execution state for component Windows_Intune_Service since it is not installed or completed installing So basically back to square one. Am I being impatient? probably but I'm not convinced CU2 is going to fix the problems with the connector component. If anyone else has installed CU2 and have had any success please let me know!
  8. So from speaking to Intune support this morning he mentioned that CU2 came out last night. Now as my current SCCM environment is R2 CU4 (not R2 SP1 CU1 as that is now knackered!) I told him that upgrading to the latest and greatest is not ideal as the current set-up can't get the extensions downloaded, so that should be the focus of the problem. He then said that there is a chance R2 CU4 is now unsupported and we have to upgrade...I asked him politely to check that before we think about upgrading. I don't think MS understand this issue which is concerning but if CU2 fixes it, then i'll be
  9. Just had a call from my Intune engineer. He's just leaving for the day (lucky sod) but he has asked for a remote session first thing tomorrow morning. I'm not sure what we're going to get out of that but at least it's better than me looking at the same old logs over and over again!
  10. well i had both scenarios. I did have it connected and then upgraded to R2 SP1 CU1 (on my home lab which is still not working) And I didn't have it connected when on R2 CU4 (on my work live environment which is also still not working) Both exhibit the same symptoms. Had contact from my Intune engineer to say he's finally got round to looking at the logs. I'll hopefully hear something back today or tomorrow.
  11. Nothing. Phone call from MS this morning saying they had the logs but will call me once they have an update. On a separate note, found these errors in the compmon.log from when i first enabled the Intune connector on my new SCCM environment: Failed to read the required Operations Management component registry key values on local computer; error = 6 (0x6). Failed to read in current property values and refresh the COpsMgmtComponent object; error = 6 (0x6). Not seen them since the 5th November but then the rest of the log is filled up with this: Checking components ... Can not g
  12. Spoke to someone in SCCM support this morning. Mentioned the ID 8001 error and they didn't know much about it. First set of logs didn't get through to them :angry: so just waiting on another link from them to send them over again.
  13. Not yet. Tweeted MS Intune over the weekend and ticket was escalated (how much good that'll do I don't know!). Ended up getting a diagnostics tool from MS which compresses all of the logs from the SCCM server and sends it to the engineer. Sent that back last night so should hopefully hear something within the next 24/48 hours. The Intune service dashboard showed this update for the 7th: ========= [Resolved] Service is restored. (Started on 11/7/2015 1:45:00 AM UTC) 11/7/2015 5:19:37 AM (UTC) Final Status: By design, the service took the appropriate action to remediate impact. E
  14. I have the same issue >>> http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/13210-intune-sccm-topic-type-8001/ I decided to create a new SCCM instance in my home lab (SCCM 2012 R2 CU4) and none of the extensions have come down so it looks like whatever they've done to the Intune connector within the last week has broken it. Also logged a call with Microsoft to which I get the standard response "we'll get the engineer to call you back with an update straight away"...that was 2 days ago! Hope this gets fixed soon.
  15. Good Afternoon all, We've undertaken a project to manage our mobile devices using SCCM through the Intune connector. Now we were running SCCM 2012 R2 CU4 for ages only using it for OSD but we've upgraded it to SP1 and also moved onto CU1 because of the fix for Intune. The problem we face is we cannot send any policies (whether it be configuration items, apps, etc) down to our mobile devices (windows phone 8.1 or iOS 9). The error in the statesys.log shows: SQL MESSAGE: spProcessStateReport - Record 1 failed processing with error -50001: Topic type 8001 is unknown CMessageProce
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