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  1. Hello, i have a Question, I want to create an Antimalware Policie and by a Malware found they should just send me an E-mail without any other action as delete the malware or move the Malware to the Quarantine. by creating an new Antimalware Ploicy i found under Default actions, the settings for the action by a Malware found, but canĀ“t set the option to allow all Malware founds. I hope someone can help me. Thanks and sorry for my english Gary
  2. Hello, I think its called Zero Touch Deployment, I do not want to have to select the task sequence when I deploy an image on a pc. Can someone show me how i can make that? sorry for my english Gary
  3. Thanks man, it works and it is understandable why Gary
  4. Hello @all i have a problem, i will add a new created package (Firefox or MS Office 2010) to my task sequence for build and capture an Image. In the task sequence editor i go to new -> General -> install package and than i select my package, but now i can't select a Program! But in the package is a Program, must i do something after creating the package? I work for the first time with sccm and know my not so good, so i need some help and sorry for my english its not my native language as you have already noticed her Gary
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