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  1. Just wanted to follow up and let you know I have had great success utilizing your script.. the error checking is superb.. thank you for the work and troubleshooting you have done to vet your script.. you are a life saver!!
  2. Thanks for the reply.. I ended up using pieces from you as well as another script I found.. Bottom line I am testing for VPN connection and Wi-Fi.. In case this might help someone else in the future - # check for Wifi/Wireless connection $WifiCheck = Get-wmiobject -class win32_networkadapter -namespace root\CIMV2 | where-object {$_.Name -match "Wifi" -or $_.Name -match "wireless" -and $_.name -notmatch "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" -and $_.netenabled -eq $true} $WifiCheck = [bool]$WifiCheck if ($WifiCheck -eq 'True') {LogWrite "An Active Wireless C
  3. Thank you for the great work on this great tool.. Couple of question for you.. Is there a way to check that a hardwire is connected (network) and if not, exit the script.. along the same line I am not quite sure what information to place into the VPN section so that I can properly detect if the user is using VPN and then show the message you already have. Are we looking to enter the gateway/subnetmask/ Thanks.
  4. Hello all - Wondering if anyone has a possible solution for my issue. I am monitoring my DP's and a few of them turned yellow after we upgraded to R2 about a month ago. Problem is when I look at the details is tells me to view the smsdpmon.log but each of those log files on the servers have been purged already. Is there another way for me to figure out what package was having the issue and possible remove it from WMI? Failed to retrieve the package list on the distribution point ... Or the package list in the content library doesn't match the one in WMI. Review smsdpmon.log for mor
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