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  1. Ok here is an update. I found that this will not work with a WinPE version of 10.XX.XXXX I am installing SCCM 1511 now, and then will update to 1601. After all of that I will report back.
  2. Hello, I am hoping that someone out there knows how to help... I am trying to deploy Win 10. I was having the same issue as the one found here https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/12829-deploying-windows-10-image-with-drivers-0x80070032-sccm-r2-sp1-cu1/ Based on the last comment from anyweb, I went to http://freshblog.azurewebsites.net/2015/08/13/create-and-import-windows-10-winpe-into-your-sccm-environment/ Now when I PXE boot the TS reboots at Preparing Network Connections. I have attached the smsts.log smsts.log but here is a the errors: "RegOpenKeyExW is unsuccessful for Software\Microsoft\SMS\Task Sequence" "GetTsRegValue() is unsuccessful. 0x80070002." "TS environment is not initialized" I do get an IP address and can ping the DNS names of the MP and DP. The drive shows in Diskpart and I cleared the entire disk. A google search returns no real info. Thoughts???
  3. Ok we seem to have this "Fixed" we rebuilt the TS and all seems to be running again...
  4. Thanks for the input. That was going to be my last thing to try (adding apps directly to the wim). Thanks again...
  5. Here is a link to my Google docs with the logs you asked for... https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByERVVfGVv1Kfk14dFZQZXNPR3plMEtic3pYQ3RmcUNZc21RSmtpMkR0X0VlRTQxNTc3THc&usp=sharing
  6. Good thinking, yes they install fine when not in the TS
  7. We have done the same thing. All works great for us! We also have done this for required TS as well. We only use required for unknown devices though.
  8. I have copied the task sequence, I have removed all the tasks and added them again, but I have not started from scratch. I will try that and report back. Thanks for the tip! I am out right now but will test first thing in the morning. Please excuse my delayed response.
  9. Hello Everyone! Here's the skinny... We are using Sccm 2012 R2 CU5 to deploy a TS that contains Windows 7 x64 and several Install Application tasks. We have been using the same TS for a year now with no issues. All of the sudden, the TS has been taking 6+ hours to complete, and is successful. We were able to image about 4000 laptops with no issue last summer. This summer we have 8000 to image and would take us years to complete at this rate. I have Googled the issue and tried several steps, that is how we ended up on CU5, to no avail. The OS deploys fine, but when the Install Application task starts each app runs till the timeout is reached then moves on to the next application in the list. The application does install correctly and works fine. The strange thing is, 2 machines started at the same time one will move along normally and the other will "stick". I am at a loss right now. Is there someone out there that has "fixed" this issue before, or do I need to pay the $500 and call Microsoft support? I have attached the log files for 2 different computers. The 1st is one that was in the middle of the image (Running for 2 hours so far). The second set is from a finished image that completed after running for about 5 hours. 1.dism.log 1.smsts.log 1.smsts-20150618-130602.log 2.smsts.log 2.smsts-20150618-131015.log
  10. Ok, I think I fixed my issue. I was reading another thread and it was talking about the registry string RamDiskTFTPBlockSize. I had to lower my setting to 2048 instead of 8192 (I tried 4096 but it still did not work). I am wondering if the NIC cannot handle that block size. Does this make since to any one?
  11. I tried these instructions and after repeatedly pressing F8, the command prompt does not show. I know this is enabled because it works on other models just not this one. I have loaded the drivers several times and still no go. I did notice that upon PXE boot the version shows and my driver version is Is this an issue or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks!!
  12. Do you need to run the R2 CU3 - Server Update - <sitecode> update on all distribution points or just the client update?
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