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  1. go into your TS. Then Add -> General -> Set Task Sequence Variable. Add any task sequence variable. When you then run your TS, what is the result / exit code of this step? Is the TS variable created successful?
  2. do you use TS variables in any other steps in your TS? Are they working there? Have a look at your smsts.log - there you should find the resolved value of the variable.
  3. don't know why task sequnce variables generally aren't working in your environment. But why must you use them? If a hardcoded "c:\" is working for you...
  4. Hi, did you completely follow the guide? Did you extract the drivers in the source folders, so that you have the .inf, .cat, etc. files? BR
  5. No, thats not correct. They must be 10.* I can tell you exactly tomorrow. You should add the new Boot Images. Maybe there's the fault.
  6. Hi, have you installed the latest CU Packs for ConfigMgr? (SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU2) and are you using the latest version of MDT? (2013 Update 1) I did the test with a Latitude E6320 - so almost the same device - and was also using the Windows 8 driver pack from Dell. BR
  7. I didn't test it, but it should. You only need DISM to do it - and this is independent from SCCM. Starting with Windows Vista it's built into the OS. BR
  8. Hi Max, thanks for your comment! Great that this solution also works for you. Don't know why you have to remove the trailing backslash, it's working in our environment. And good idea with %osdisk% variable. Maybe I'll change it in our environment, too. BR Achim
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