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  1. mikey090tx-this error is pretty generic for something is wrong. I just wanted to ask if you've already removed all the apps prior to capturing the image. you would have ran some powershell scripts (get-appxprovisionedpackage -online | remove appxprovisionedpackage -online OR get-appxpackage | remove appxpackage). sysprep will fail if this is not done prior to attempting the capture. this may have nothing to do with this error, but i like to advise people of this first.
  2. I am having the same problem-OSD task sequence stuck at 0% in Software Center. This is a remote computer I'm trying to reimage. It has been set up as a distribution point for over a year and I've done 20 reimages this way. All the sudden I'm unable to image this computer. The only difference is that this is a computer that was reimaged once before this way, so I've created different task sequences to make sure it just doesn't want to rerun the original. Anyway, I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days and I'm stuck. Is it beneficial to remove the DP and re-add it? Boundaries are setup correctly-they haven't changed since it was originally setup. EDIT: I have since tried a different computer and receiving the same result. It's stuck at 0%. I've verified my boundaries and they have not changed since this was setup and working. I have re-added the DP (unable to delete all the folders on the DP itself). I have also verified all the content has been pushed out to the DP server successfully. This is insane. Does anyone have any idea how to help??
  3. Lucky for us, we just implemented Direct Access. I guess now the network people need to sort out the rest. But you both are saying that if the machine isn't on the network, they will not receive anything from sccm (ie updates, packages, etc)? correct?
  4. Hi, I've been using SCCM 2012 R2 for some time know, but there are still some mysteries to me. I have been asked to start deploying software updates through it rather than WSUS or Windows Updates itself. Before i came along, people got their updates the old fashion way-Windows Updates. So after the grueling task of figuring that out, i've got it working-ish! My main concern with this method (and also Endpoint) is that the majority of our users are NOT on the domain/network at all times. We do have several hub offices whose machines are on the network, but our line of work is mostly remote. Meaning these users are on home, hotel or data card wifi--not the network. They also rarely get on VPN. So my question is: are these people going to receive updates or endpoint definitions while being "offline?" I have a bunch of machines listed as inactive in Devices since they are never on our network. Is there a call home feature I'm unaware about with the sccm client? Keep in mind, when the machines are sent out, they are all sent out the same and with the client installed and working properly. Is this a bad setup in our environment? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. i have SCCM 2012 r2. i have set up my task sequences the same as you have here. the capture portion works and stores it on the smp share on the sccm server. the restore data task sequence doesn't restore the data on the destination computer. it fails with error 0x00004005. i tried to pull the usmt file through manually (via windows easy transfer since that's what type of file it is) and it asks for a password? i'm wondering if this is why the task sequence is failing? anyone else experience this?? it's not a permissions issue, i don't think. i've given 'everyone' permission to the smp share. i've verified i can get into the smp share on the destination computer as well. smsts attached. could really use some advice smsts-20140502-130911.log
  6. I have SCCM 2012 R2. I have been deploying 8.1 to various Dell Latitudes 'in house' with success. I am now trying to deploy the SAME task sequences to a remote location using a distribution point. Boundaries/boundary groups are set up. The task sequence errors out almost immediately with 0x8022001B. The first step in the task sequence is to boot into Win PE, this is where it fails.This laptop (Dell E5430) is wired in on the network and I am able to access it with no issue. Keep in mind, I have used this task sequence successfully on multiple 5430s in house. Distribution points show OK status in SCCM. Does anyone have any thoughts on this. smsts.log
  7. This issue was fixed by removing all Windows 8.1 metro apps that come preinstalled (like weather, games, travel--useless stuff anyway). I am sure as more people start using 8.1, they will come across this issue as well. Here are instructions i used to get past the error. Create the machine from scratch (if you are trying to troubleshoot this with an existing image – sorry, it’s a rebuild) Disconnect it from the network / internet connectivity for the install process DO NOT associate it with a Microsoft account at this time – Create a local account.This prevents the Store and ModernApps from updating themselves and breaking SysPrep in this Preview Release. Once at the Desktop, open an administrator privileged PowerShell prompt. Run “Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage” at the PowerShell prompt. This will list all default installed Appx packages (which are installed per user) AND since it it piped to Remote-AppxPackage, it will remove them all. you will get RED errors – this is expected due to dependencies. From the Start Screen, right click and UNINSTALL the xBox music app. This app has dependencies with prevent all AppxPackages from being uninstalled Run “Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage” at the PowerShell prompt again to ensure all have been removed. you will get RED errors – this is expected due to dependencies. Connect back to the network / internet once again. DO NOT associate a Microsoft Account for the entire time you are finishing this software install. Leave that for the SysPrep process. From <http://regularitguy.com/2013/08/05/how-to-fix-sysprep-3-14-error-for-windows-8-1-enterprise/>
  8. I also need help setting up default profile on Win 8.1. The main thing I need to get working is the start menu tiles--they won't stick. I need the start menu and desktop to look the same for any new user that logs in. I've seen the directions for using copyprofile in sysprep but i can't get it to work. A guide for this would be perfect.
  9. Hello, I am trying to capture an image from a VM for my golden image to push out to laptops in the company. This is Windows 8.1 Ent with certain applications installed. I keep getting the error "Task Sequence: Image Capture Wizard has failed with error code (0x00004005)." I have used this VM previously for an image without any error. I created new capture media and ran it again with the same error however this capture media works on a random laptop. Anyone else seen this or know what to do in this instance?? Help is greatly appreciated!
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