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  1. Thanks, for all. very well information AnyWeb. for the water mark forgive me that i had this guids before and i couldn't remove it. i have another guid which will come up may be today and i'll spend the day removing the water mark . wmmayms, think that, ok imagine that you put your 50 v.machine in one host then it fails what vmware will do for you. but with hyber-v the integration with the windows clustering is very will done and you will not feel any change . cheers.
  2. Hi Every one, In this article I'll show you how to install ,configure and install your first virtual machine in the New Technology driven by Microsoft Hyper-V. Prerequisites: You will need windows server 2008 64bit which means your processor must support 64 bit operating system "Intel XD bit or AMD NX bit and supports data execution protection". Most of us has dual core processor and doesn't know that it can easily support 64 bit but the most important thing when talking about virtualization is does your processor supports virtualization or unfortunately not to .
  3. Dear ismail, you shuld have a look to this microsoft guid about the tool, http://www.microsoft.com/Downloads/details...;displaylang=en also other way to deploy windows is illustrated in details in here. http://briandesmond.com/blog/how-to-sysprep-in-windows-2008/ thanks. wish it helps solving your problem.
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