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  1. Hi I'm tried to deply windows 7 64bit through sccm 2007 sp3, I boot the machine by task sequnce media, the machine recive the TS then error msg appear ...!!! I treid to use many drivers but same issue. The machine model is HP Compaq 8300 All-in-One please have look to attached smsts logs smsts.log
  2. Hi All, I'm new in SCOM and need your help please ... I have SCOM 2007 with SQL Management Pack discovered the SQL servers in my environment as following: SQL1 SQL2 SQL3 SQL4 SQL5 What I want do is use the default SQL Management Pack to show only SQL1 and SQL2 for Admin1 SQL3,SQL4,SQL5 for Admin2 What I think the steps should be as following 1. create two groups for SQL SQL GROUP1 contain SQL1 and SQL2 SQL GROUP2 contain SQL3, SQL4 and SQL5 2. Create operator user role for Admin1 and Admin2 for Admin1 the scope will be SQL GROUP1 and the view is SQL Management Pack for Admin2 the scope will be SQL GROUP2 and the view is SQL Management Pack The question is which class or object I have to select and add it in each group to show me all information related to SQL???? Also is the above steps right or I missed something ?? thx
  3. Unfortunately we don't have SCCM 2007 R3.
  4. Hi Anybody know if there are Management Pack for System Center 2007 windows 7 to monitoring consumption.
  5. Hi, I,m new in AD... I notieced that our AD first administrator account is disable and another account in created as administrator behafl of orginal one... I want know is there any different between first administrator account which are created through setup AD and Administrator created after setup AD. if yes, what is the different and impact of disable it.
  6. read this http://www.microsoft.com/Download/en/details.aspx?id=15985
  7. Sorry Lcusson I'm not familiar with answerfile you can use this Sample its available on windows server 2008 under C:\windows\system32\WdsUnattendTemplate.xml find the attached please Watch this video http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ff657745 May I know what is your project ... do you want install image to numbers of PC's or only from time to time ... WdsUnattendTemplate.xml
  8. Hi If you capture image from machine -A- then deploy it to machine -B- and machine -B- has already OS the name will not change it will be machine -B- unless create Computer Association from Computer Association under Operating System Deployment --> Computer Association -->Import Computer Information -->Import Single Computer --> then add machine name and mac address then add it to collection. or you can use answer file and add it in the TS.
  9. Yes Lucie, its can work in your case. After capture the image from referance computer "Follow Niall link" - save the image on sccm server. - Create OS package - Create Task Sequance - Then Advertise Task Sequance to collection
  10. There is another way to capture image ... You can create capture media from sccm and burn it on CD or save it on USB to run it on windows 7 64 to capture image .. go to Task Sequence --> Create Sequence Media --> then select Capture Media .
  11. Thanks RebelRenegade for that information.
  12. Hi Rebel Thanks for your advice ... Your way is a solution to a void deployed to servers accidentally, what I want know is, what will happen if I Enable Unknown computer supports then advertise task sequence to all unknown computer collection without define the platform in the advertisement..? is the advertisement of task sequence will run mandatory as the attached said..? or must restart the machines then hit F12 to boot from network...?
  13. Hi everyone, I configure PXE service as the attached image ... I want know if I enable unknown computer support option and advertise OS task sequence to All unknown computer collection is that mean the Task Sequence will running on the machines without restart it and pressing F12 ??? I'm afraid the task sequence run on servers.... Thanks
  14. Hi For users who are work on SCCM and WSUS... What do you prefer for patch management to update machines SCCM 2007 or WSUS...?
  15. Hi Please chech this link http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4073-im-confused-in-deploying-windows-update/ Also choose suppress notification on Clients from templates Under Dispaly/Time setting tab.
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