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Use Default MP for specific User

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Hi All,


I'm new in SCOM and need your help please ...


I have SCOM 2007 with SQL Management Pack discovered the SQL servers in my environment as following:








What I want do is use the default SQL Management Pack to show only

SQL1 and SQL2 for Admin1

SQL3,SQL4,SQL5 for Admin2


What I think the steps should be as following

1. create two groups for SQL

SQL GROUP1 contain SQL1 and SQL2

SQL GROUP2 contain SQL3, SQL4 and SQL5



2. Create operator user role for Admin1 and Admin2


for Admin1 the scope will be SQL GROUP1 and the view is SQL Management Pack

for Admin2 the scope will be SQL GROUP2 and the view is SQL Management Pack


The question is which class or object I have to select and add it in each group to show me all information related to SQL????


Also is the above steps right or I missed something ??











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Maktoum, I would have to test it out in my lab to confirm the settings/selections you prose, however, I would think that a better/more flexible option would be for the SQL Admins to setup the various SQL-based views, dashboards, etc. customized for their specific servers into their own Workspace area.

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