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  1. Hi Anyweb, Set this up ages ago thanks to your great guide and all is working fine. But....should probably have checked sooner but I have only just noticed that.. Looks like the monthly deployment package is over 2Gb in size. It seems that each month's new updates are being added to the same depolyment package. Is this correct behaviour? Wasn't sure it it would add or replace. I guess each monthly's SUG contains the references to that month's updates within the singluar deployment package - is that correct? I guess my concern is really just the sheer size. Are only the required updates
  2. OK, I've managed to find a workaround for this...... Does seem to be a bug with SCCM. I haven't installed any update roll-ups yet so maybe that will fix it? Anyway, I have set the boot image to be available from the PKG$ share as well as from the standard distribution point access. This now works. The boot image is found and downloaded and after that, SCCM uses the alternative port as it should. Not too much hassle. Cheers. Keeop
  3. Hi All, Having some OS deployment issues. Everything was working fine until I was messing about with the MBAM stuff. Bottom line, where I was just using standard port 80/443 for the SCCM/IIS web site, I am now running this web site on alternative ports. I have set these ports in the the 'Site Properties' section, along with ticking the 'Custom Website' checkbox. All standard SCCM software deployments, updates, policy updates etc. work fine. No problems there. However, when now trying to do a Windows build - either using the TS I created following this post or the HTA one, no joy. Going thr
  4. Think I've got it. Changed the user account used by the application pool and it now seems OK. Time for some proper testing......!! Cheers. Keeop
  5. CustomSettings has been copied directly from your source but, obviously, with the HTTP addresses changed and these are correct so that file should be fine. So, I guess it's the web service. Is there an existing script that I can use to debug what's going on, one that doesn't require parameters for example? Cheers. Keeop
  6. Hi, Get the 'Only First MACADDRESS', then it returns values for the UserDomain and UserID, suppresses Password response and then finishes with: Property ComputerName is now = i.e. blank. Sorry, it's hard for me to show a screen dump at the mo, but I hope you get the idea. Cheers. Keeop
  7. Which one would you like as the actual GetComputerName log doesn't have anything useful in it! If I run the GetComputerName script from the command line, the variable is returned blank. If I run the ChangeComputerName script, admittedly using the RIS web service instead, this does indeed work. I'll try running some more of the Maik Koster actions via command line to see if I can get any working. ....yep, other scripts are returning values so it's something specific to that one. Running the IsKnowntoSCCM script brings back a false though, which seems a tad strange as this machine has ha
  8. OK, not getting very far. I'm still not sure why this has stopped working. All the parameter variables seem to be there just the GetComputerName variable is not being generated and returned. Any reason why I can's use OSDComputerName? I'll try the 'change name' function and see if that works but I'm not really sure how to go about debugging this web service - they're quite new to me. Cheers. Keeop
  9. Yeah, that seems to have stopped working - not getting a name from what's showing in the log. Strange as it has been working. OK, I'll try and debug the web service - thanks. Keeop
  10. Hmm, the %GetComputerName% variable is not being set any more. The web service and CustomSettings.ini are still the same so not quite sure why this should no longer be working. I'll have to try some of the other functions and variable and debug. Any ideas? Cheers. Keeop
  11. Nope, user error Hadn't copied the extra HTA scripts to the correct folder so the dependencies were not being found. It's currently running through the TS now..... OK, I'll go through them both side-by-side and pick up any changes. Cheers. Keeop
  12. Hi Anyweb, Just managed to upgrade to R2. I'm having the existing TS bomb out before the HTA dialogue is displayed. I'm still using the 2012 SP1 TS as a base rather than the R2 one. Rather than import the R2 one, as I have made a lot of changes to the existing one, are there any sections in the SP1 TS that could cause this to stop working with R2? Are there specific sections I need to change? If there's not much, could it be possible to highlight these? If there are many differences then I'll bite the bullet and import the R2 version of the TS and start from scratch on it. Cheers. Kee
  13. OK, setting this to use a 'Custom Website' has resolved the issue. Basically.... Created the new web site - which must be named SMSWEB. Doesn't really matter what physical path this points to as nothing will be stored there - it's all virtual directories Created two custom ports for HTTP and HTTPS Changed the Site properties to use these custom ports as default and removed the standard ones Set the Site properties to use the Custom Website (check the box) Kicked off a Site Reset So far, all looks OK and healthy although coincidentally, I'm battling with a severe lack of disk space/pagefile
  14. Right, so it's the custom action within the MP.msi - CcmCreateIISVirtualDirectories - that's throwing up the error. Now, unfortunately it's a .dll that contains this action so I can' see exactly what it's doing. I can take the action out and then the process does complete. Of course, I am missing the IIS virtual directories and possibly other important stuff. The process then goes on to fail on the BGBIsapi install part - doh! More investigation is required.......... Oh, there was also one WMI error generated on the MP install: Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceOperationEv
  15. OK, now getting this: [13:57:12] ERROR: Failed to acquire the port lock '0x80070005'. .....instead of these lines from above: [11:46:42] Acquired registry mutex. [11:46:42] Port settings have changed - processing port information. [11:46:42] Processing Port List of WebSite [IIS://LocalHost/W3SVC/1] [11:46:42] Retrieved SSLCertHash from WebSite [IIS://LocalHost/W3SVC/1] All I did was change some permission on the SMS\IIS reg key to add in the machine same with full control. However, after I removed the permission changes, still getting the new, different error. Th error code now indicates s
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