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  1. Hi, I had old installation of sccm 2012 r2 sp1 on 2008 r2 with sql 2008 r2 on same server. I wanted to start deploy windows 10 (1703) but it turned out that this version is supported only on newest SCCM 1702. So I have upgraded sccm 2012 to 1606 using baseline media and then to 1610 using sccm console in administration section. Then I have installed 2 patches which were issued to 1610. I checked if installation of 1702 will pass but it failed. Then I have done OS upgrade from 2008 r2 to 2012 r2: - I have backed up sccm using backup task and manually triggered service to start backup now. Afterwards backup task was disabled. - I disabled all automatically started services of SMS* for the time of upgrade - I then started in-place upgrade of OS. It turned out fine. Couple problems have emerged but they were quickly solved. - Then I have reenabled SMS* services back to automatic start - Rebooted the server and wanted to enter sccm console but then... Console says it cannot connect to site <site code and address>. Also some information regarding sms provider is shown. Just generic error for console itself. Nothing can be done from the console now. Just before upgrade of OS it was working ok. In Event Viewer there are some errors regarding: 1) Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceOperationEvent WHERE TargetInstance ISA "ccm_siteassignment"" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/ccm/Policy/Machine" because of error 0x80041010. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected. 2) The server {GUID} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. 3) The WinRM service is not listening for WS-Management requests User Action If you did not intentionally stop the service, use the following command to see the WinRM configuration winrm enum winrm/config/listener 4) Transport error; failed to connect, message: 'The SMS Provider reported an error. '\r\nMicrosoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlQueryException\r\nThe SMS Provider reported an error Our actions so far: 1) Add Local Activation for SYSTEM for SMS Agent Host in DCOM 2) Check that winrm enum winrm/config/listener output and see that all interfaces are mentioned there 3) Disabled firewall 4) Connected to our site db using SQL Management Studio For upgrade I have used those two guides: http://ccmexec.com/2016/03/configmgr-cb-1602-server-2008-r2-in-place-upgrade-to-2012-r2/ https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configmgr_geek_speak/2016/03/23/configuration-manager-1602-on-windows-2008-r2-sql-2008-r2upgrading-to-windows-2012-r2-sql-2014/ Current state: 1) Console is not working as it cannot connect to site (yes I'm starting it as an administrator using account which pre-os-upgrade was working correctly even from remote host) 2) Site system is 2012 r2: - fully updated, - sql server installed: 2008 r2 enterprise I don't have any more ideas how to fix this. Any help will be much appreciated. I can provide any logs which will be required. Just please give path where to find them. SOLUTION: 1) I have checked logs for AdminConsole (logs are located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog\SmsAdminUI.log) Turned out that there was an error regarding wmi namespace and some other stuff so I have searched Internet for this particular error. I've found a thread regarding SCCM 2007 but still relevant. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/3f5f82a4-8ca1-492f-8ca0-44c94dbe547f/unable-to-open-sccm-admin-console?forum=configmgrgeneral 2) I have opened wmimgmt.msc and saw that in list of namespaces ineed root\SMS namepsace is missing. 3) Then in this post: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/7e0576dd-e588-403f-8af9-698f730d6813/unable-to-connect-remote-configuration-manager-console?forum=configmanagergeneral there was information on how to reconstruct the namespace using: mofcomp file.mof In my case, mof files were located in: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\X64 and not all but some. Still this was enough to reconstruct the namespace and reenable SCCM console to connect to site database. I just checked briefly the site in console and all my applications are still there so I suppose it'll be easier from now on to debug possible errors. I just hope that pxe is still working since I've seen somewhere that it might be broken after in-place upgrade.
  2. Hi. I have the same problem. I just did in-place upgrade of site system server from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 and now I cannot open SCCM Console and have same error logged in event viewer. Did you manage to solve this problem? If yes then how?
  3. I have a simple question. Is it possible to restore newer system using older restore system wizard? I have done bare metal backup of win2k12r2 standard server using dpm 2012 r2. I'd like to test recovery process of bare metal recovery. I have MsDaRT 6.5 available via PXE on the network. MsDaRT 6.5 is older "system" than win2k12r2 and whenever I try to point image location to shared folder on my dpm server I get "an internal error occurred while enumerating backup sets" error. When I try to boot my VM which I'd like to do bare-metal restore using win2k12r2 installation disk it does not detect my network card so if it is possible I'd like to use MsDaRT I already have set up. So again. Is it possible to restore newer system using older backup/restore tool? Tom
  4. Hello I've found out that I have a problem using Remote Control. When I try to connect to managed domain-joined machine the connection hangs up at the "Connecting to the host session" step. After a while a message is logged to RC console "Viewer disconnected". Now the configuration: Win2k8r2 server - management server host SCCM2012 CU3 server RC console - works ok Win2k12r2 RC??? - management host SCCM2012 CU3 admin console only installation RC console - cannot connect to host Win7x64 SP1 - managed host (domain joined) SCCM2012 client running RC service started When I try to connect to win7 host from my server, everything works just fine. But when I try to connect to the same host from management host which runs only sccm 2012 cu3 admin console I cannot connect. Now. What can I do to connect to my host from my management host to my win7 host via RC console? Is it not working due to the fact that I'm running console on 2012 r2 RC server system which might be unsupported by sccm 2012 cu3 or the fact that I need to configure something to enable connection also from my management host beside my management server host? Please help. Tom.
  5. Thank you for the reply and No. There's no specific security on that key. Actualy i thought there were but then to be sure i've set up Everyone:F so there shouldn't be a problem. But there is. Security right on that key (before my addition for everyone:f) are exacly the same as the parent key "Certificates".
  6. Hello Everyone I've have a problem with setting up detection method correctly. I'm trying to install Oracle VirtualBox and when VirtualBox installs without any problems, my other deployment type which imports Oracle certificate into TrustedPublisher isn't detected. I've found where the registry key is which is added when certificate is imported. But detection method can't find the key although it exists there. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\TrustedPublisher\Certificates\A88FD9BDAA06BC0F3C491BA51E231BE35F8D1AD5 Only the RED part isn't detected. I just need to know if it is present on the system or not to know if the deployment type is installed. When I try to detect only the green part it goes well but when I add the red part then no mater what i'll do, the deployment type isn't detected. I don't want to use scripts/powershell because i think this method is universal for both xp/7 and we don't have powershell on xp's installed. The other thing is that when I try to browse registry on a remote machine (the one where this key exists) then I get a message that I don't have sufficient privileges or the machine isn't responding which is. Please help.
  7. I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
  8. I found out why I'm getting Access Denied error while downloading updates from internet. That was because \\sccm\sources is a share READ-ONLY for everyone. So I added user SMSadmin with Full-Control permission and that solved the problem.
  9. I tried to follow as much as I could. The only difference is the fact that I do everything as "The Administrator" user and I run SCCM 2012 in native mode. BTW. How do I check the component status logs? Which files should I check? \\sccm\sms_xyz\Logs\*.log ? or only some of them? Also sorry for delay. I'm not everyday at my workplace where I have my SCCM 2012 lab setup.
  10. DC - no internet access SCCM - has access to the internet Workstations - no internet access When I trigger sync, WSUS downloads the list of updates but only the list not the updates itself and when I try to force download right away i get Access Denied error. In logs there is a line which says: Failed to download contentID 16791605 for UpdateID 16792808. Error code = 5
  11. I've got the same problem but in my situation even manual initiated download gives me "Access Denied" so if you have any solution for this please let me know.
  12. Hello everyone. I'm following this tutorial and I must say it's pretty good. But during this part I got some problems. When you say that in a few minutes there should be some updates downloaded and/or deployed, in my test lab there's no downloaded updates and there should be and since I've setup network so my workstations are cut off of internet (second nic is disabled) they only have connection with dc and sccm. Since you imply to set update point only from sccm I did like you said but my workstations (one to be precise) can't update Endpoint Protection client definitions and also my sccm isn't downloading any (but it can since only my sccm has internet connection) updates from Microsoft so please help me with this. I don't want to skip anything if I don't have to. BTW. my sccm lab is running in native mode. I've setup the environment like for sccm 2007 native and uptill now everything worked ok. EDIT: Oh. Now I found there's an option to force download right away but the outcome of this operations is a failure since I get "Access Denied" error.
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