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  1. Good afternoon fellows! I'm currently struggling with an issue trying to get our Win 10 task sequence to take off. Just for background info, this task sequence works just fine on all other models that we have except this Acer Switch Alpha 12 tablet we're testing. Smsts.log is attached. -Problem is this: Boot the device into WinPE, select the desired task sequence, it begins to download the boot image and then fails. -Noteworthy errors: Failed to install boot image. Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) Failed to install WinPE. Code(0x800
  2. We're currently on CU3. We looked at the fixes in CU4 but didn't see any real fixes in there that would affect us greatly. I just took a look at the CU5 changes and it's looking like the same story as CU4 for our environment.
  3. Morning everyone! I've been working with Config Manager for a couple years now, but recently I've moved up to a role more responsible for computer images. I'm having some problems with the client apparently timing out during the final stages of an OSD task sequence. The image itself will download and apply with no problems, same with the drivers, but then the when it comes to initializing the client it will time out for ~30 minutes before moving on. When finally able to log into the system the client is fully functional and working properly. I've used my google-fu to the best of my ability
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