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  1. We currently have around 12 remote offices (workstations per office are 8-60) those get packages, Software updates through central location's single DP via WAN links. Is Branch cache recommended and reliable solution for any Windows environment and What should be the minimum number of Client computers per site to have branch cache enabled or local DPs configured?
  2. How can I import computers from xls, csv or txt file in to a direct membership collection. I need to copy about 150 computers (already available in a collection) from a report to a new collection. Selecting one by one and manually adding to the desired collection will be a difficult task. Please help.
  3. Many Thanks Peter for the help. It means, I need to learn MS Intune too !! I explored and came to know that the role was present in CM 2012 SP1 only.
  4. Thanks for your reply Peter. If that role does not exist, then how to manage mobile devices like IPhone, Android etc. I have reinstalled Config Mgr but Mobile Device Management Point role is still missing. Sorry, do not know Intune.
  5. In my lab (SCCM2012 R2 CU2) rest of the things are working absolutely fine but while installing "Mobile Device Management Point Role", found it missing in the roles. It is not already installed and missing in the pending roles. Missing in the Client settings as well. Really weird !! Unable to complete the last part in the absence of this role. Has any one seen this issue. Please help.
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