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  1. Joining the Question! Does anyone know how to route the traffic only through another server? Currently we do this: We are using terminal services and warped CMRC only in what's called a "RemoteApp" where the user get an icon (essentially a link to a .rdp file) that connects him via RDP to the server but displays only the CMRC app. also the server it connects him to is just an empty server (not an sccm server) with the CMRC files sitting in a folder and working as a standalone. I was considering playing around with ssh tunneling but implementing our smart card authentication is a bit challenging...
  2. If you just need an sql report you can use something like this: select sys.User_Name0,sys.Name0 from v_ra_user_usergroupname UGN join v_r_user Users on Users.ResourceId = UGN.ResourceId join v_r_system sys on sys.User_Name0 = Users.User_Name0 where UGN.User_Group_Name0 = 'YourDomain\YourGroup' order by sys.User_Name0
  3. You will need to combine a few queries: https://sccmentor.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/creating-a-user-collection-based-on-ad-user-group/ https://configmonkey.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/sccm-2012-query-to-find-clients-a-user-last-logged-in-to/
  4. https://blog.thesysadmins.co.uk/sccm-2012-creating-device-collections.html
  5. anyone knows how can I make the url bits uses to download from the sms package share on dp's downloadable by othe means so I coud feed it as a "web seed" in a torrent? NVM
  6. As I said I'm aware about the need to set up 10+ more servers for distribution. And I belive you about not getting a dime from 1e or adaptiva but last I checked onesite is 15$ per client (actually it was very hard finding pricing and maybe I'm wrong...) my own acp would be fully controlled and free, but will be long to implement smoothly, using it without any sccm api coding externally would be easier also one of the reasons for cconsidering bittorrent because it's alredy a very polished and tested mechanism that needs very little warping by few simple scripts. I'm actually surprised that noone does that with sccm... I actually heard twitter and Facebook have a torrent based system for automated content distribution on their networks.
  7. Hi, I will try to shortly (as possible) describe my problem and I have a few questions... I administer sccm in a network having <who knows how many> different offices and around 50k active clients. The network is also NOT connected to the internet. I used to have bdp's set up almost on every vlan, eventually this became unmanageable, got to over 2k bdp's making it unsupported and chocked the system as it had too many offline bdps. Eventually after a case with a support engineer we got rid of all of those bps leaving us With only 3 DP's sitting in our main DC. Now we practically cannot distribute anything because every time we try 1 of 2 things happen: 1. Too many PC's attempt connection to the dp's eventually flooding the firewall 2. Users at remote sites get their bandwidth eaten up completely. I am aware that a single DP cannot support more than 4k client and That I have to assign many more DP's The problem is that for some ridicules security reasons (NOT negotiable) all ports are closed between different user Lans. In addition, there are only few DC's and putting DP's in them is: 1. Not enough 2. Will still generate above 2 problems I am also aware of solutions as branch cache and / or multicast but: 1. Branch - we still have XP machines and win 7 migration going pretty slow. 2. Network guy's say multicasting is still not possible on our network and will take very long time to enable support for it (?!?!) Regarding the problem I mentioned above about flooding the firewall with sessions: A little reading and testing revealed that the problem is 10 times worse when bits is used and deployment contains multiple files because of how bits works.... (Round robin between all distributed files about every second) Rate limiting - we also don't know what bandwidth we have from out main dc to every site / office, plus rate limiting being global setting in cm07 doesn't help either (although we could just use gpo instead but still... we don't know the bandwidth). We are thinking about turning off bits so we generate less sessions but that would mean no resume ability... and even less bandwidth control. We also checked the option of applying QOS but network guy's said it would take them ages to implement globally so no for now ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This ends the description of current state, now I need advice \ answers. 1) Any general applicable advice? 2) Alternate content providers (Adaptiva OneSite / 1e Nomad) - I see them as probably the perfect solution for except: WAAAY too EXPENSIVE Think otherwise? Anyone uses it? Will it solve my problems? How hard would it be to implement / how long it will take? Do they sell / have customer support worldwide (bonus for onsite)? 3) Since we do not like spending $$$ And since I’m a curious guy - I always wondered how cool it would be to use torrents on our network. Now I am beginning to see how this can actually solve my problems for wan distribution Assuming I take the basic idea described here: http://www.rarst.net/software/torrent-deploy-files/ And tweak it a little (or a lot), I have done some basic tests and have ideas how to automate/ script this... Now the question is - how can I make it play nicely with SCCM? Assuming I can write some script to initiate a BT download, Do some stuff with the content on completion, And deploy this with SCCM - it can cover me in the SW Distribution part. But what about software updates - where your packages do not have a "program" for you to customize and let it find the updates in the folder uTorrent put them in? If there was an easy guide how to implement a real Alternative Content Provider using the api.... Only thing I found is this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh948148.aspx If you have a trick to edit what SCCM runs when advertising updates Or if you have a trick to "pre-stage" client cache (download with BT, put it there, make client accept and skip download) Those would also be nice.
  8. this is a more general question. we noticed that sccm among other infrustructures is causing cpu load on the firewall because of massive amount of rejected sessions, we noticed this happens in the morning when workstations wake up from sleep mode. what can be done?
  9. hey guys, I tried this and i'm still getting CTool::RegisterComPlusService: Failed to unregister C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\x64\microsoft.configurationmanager.bgbserverchannel.dll with .Net Fx 4.0 no matter what. this happens when I try to install a management point on a separate server. I read somewhere that this is all happening when you install configmgr to non default path ( and I did - drive D instead of C) If that true I just can't help thinking out loud "What a LAME product!!!"
  10. mods close thread please... nobody replays anyway probably gonna do site reset and proceed with upgrading to 2012 anyway...
  11. Seriously... ? I mean... yes that product is really looking good but how does it help me resolve my current issue in the short time? the system is clearly damaged...
  12. install SCCM R3 client upgrade - KB977384 you probably have it somewhere with the setup files of the whole thing
  13. Not exactly single exe, and not related in any way to SCCM... but have a look at http://www.wsusoffline.net/ perfect for isolated server
  14. hi, I'm trying to resolve an issue with our enviorvment. configmgr sp2 r3, all servers are running server 2008 (win nt 6.0, not R2) It's a single primary site with 2 mp+dp servers (and a Sh**tLoad of bdp's we no longer care about since it's impossible to manage them but that's another story) anyway, a few days ago, I noticed system was acting wierd (I dont remember exactly what) but I noticed SMS_EXECUTIVE service was gone... I a googled around, and eventually resolved the issue by running a command to fix the performance counters and rebooted... That helped, sms_executive was up and running and all seemed to bo working... couple of days later I wanted to create and deploy a package and it wass stuck at 'Install Pending' state forever... I checked for distmgr.log and the package wan't even listed in it... at all. I was playing with some powershell scripts / module from here: http://www.lazywinadmin.com/2013/06/powershell-sccm-2007-module-my.html (Absolutely harmelss - only 'Get' Commands) and notices when you run 'Get-SCCMPackage ...' (same as gwmi ... -query 'select * from sms_package') I only got a very small portion of the packages. Since we are a closed network I cannot put out full logs, and unfortunatly part of the proble is that I didn't see errors in logs anyway... I didn't even see anything relevant to the package I tried to deploy. So I'm pretty much out of Ideas, are you?
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