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  1. On your CAS servers have you configured your OWA virtual directory with InternalUrl and ExternalUrl attributes?
  2. Or is anyone can show me how to modify the script to create multiple root folders that would be great as well. Stanley
  3. I found a scipt that will allow me to create custom root folders for an archiving project that I am working on. http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Create-a-Custom-root-3aac61da The one issue I have run into is that this method will create the folder, but the end user has the ability to delete it. Obviously from a support perspective this would be a nightmare if users are deleting these folders. What permissions can be set on the folder itself to prevent it from being deleted from a users mailbox? Any ideas or alternate methods for accomplishing this wold be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stanley
  4. Is there a more effecient way of excluding certain message from a journal mailbox other then creating Outlook rules?
  5. Is it possible to rollup all of the updates that are required for a server into a setup.exe file? Then export this file in order to install it on a server that is on an isolated network.
  6. Our environment is mostly 2003 standard with some 2003 pro sprinkled around. This was done for licensing reasons. We now need to upgrade to 2010 and management wants to do it where if you had standard previously that is the 2010 version that you will receive.
  7. Is it possible to deploy both Office 2010 Pro and Office 2010 Standard in a single package via SCCM 2007?
  8. I ran into a situation where I had to reinstall a secondary site. The site was deleted and the installation folder on the target server was removed as well. I then ran through the process to re-install the site from the primary site server and now the secondary site will not communicate properly. When looking through the confirmgrsetup log on the secondary site server the following error is being shown "Failed to set security on SQL Server registry key. Error: 2". The secondary site login was verified and even recreated on the SQL server. A web search turned up an article referring to non-existent registery paths for SMS_AMT_PROXY_COMPONENT and Asset Intelligence KB Manager. These two key were manually created, but the error is still being produced and the secondary site server is still failing to update the primary site server of its status. Is a reboot of this server necessary to complete this setup? Any other ideas to assist with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stan
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