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  1. Hi All, First time poster. I have an odd issue and I am not sure it belongs under Windows 7, but I didn't see a better choice. The issue we are having is strange. Users running windows 7 on HP 4000pro computers are having issues with connectivity to one of our domain controllers. I say its with one because they can ping and contact other computers and servers on our Lan/Wan but cannot access the Domain controller on their local Lan. If we go into DHCP and block the IP they have assigned and renew the address with a new IP they then can connect. A few weeks later they will again have the same issue and we repeat the process of blocking and renewing with a new IP. The list of blocked IPs are growing and at the rate we will be out of IP addresses in 6 months. We thought it might be an issue with the built in NIC card so we purchase new card and installed them. We thought that fixed the issue but we just had 2 of the users with the new NIC card and these model PC have the issue repeat itself. The domain controller is a windows server 2003 which is being replaced in 2015. We only have 7 of these HPs. We have not seen the issue with any other models of computers on our network. We also have another office that is connected had has a few of these computer models, but has different domain controllers - and we have not had the issue in that office. Any suggestions on how I might resolve this issue? No I have not contacted HP. That is my next step.
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