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  1. I found that article and thought I reviewed my configurations thoroughly but I didn't. I just now noticed this little guy, ▯, showing up in the publish path. Not sure how it got there but fixing that and rebooting allowed me to run the CRL command. Thanks! I probably would have kept overlooking that character without you pointing me back in that direction.
  2. I am running it on the offline root ca. here's the screenshot with the error and additionally output of -getreg just in case
  3. Hi, I'm trying to follow this guide an am failing on Step 6. Certutil -crl is generating an error for me. CertUtil: -CRL command FAILED: 0x8007010b (WIN32/HTTP: 267 ERROR_DIRECTORY) CertUtil: The directory name is invalid. I've double/triple checked for typo's. Everything looks exactly as you outlined except editing in my specific http address. Trying to research the error seems to point to an issue with the CDP configuration but I see no errors there. In Step 4 you mention configuring 4 locations but in the setup there is only 3. The 4th was mentioned as the share we created on the webserver but not a part of the instructions. Is this part of the problem or did I miss a step where the rootCA needs to be on the network during the configuration so that it can access the locations configured in the CDP?
  4. I'm trying to run this but it's not creating the task sequence. I'm getting an error during this part that says cannot find file but it's there so not sure why it's failing. Any ideas? Edit: Well I got around it by manually creating the Task Sequence but I'd be curious to know what was causing the Import-MDTTaskSequence to fail though. Also thanks for this. Works great. I had tried setting one up using the technet article prior but it would boot to a recovery screen after the deployment completed. Couldn't figure out what was wrong. Import-MDTTaskSequence : Cannot bind parameter 'OperatingSystemPath' to the target. Exception setting "OperatingSystemPath": "Cannot find path 'DS001:\Operating Systems\Windows 8.1 x64\Windows 8.1 Enterprise in Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 install.wim' because it does not exist." At C:\Users\smsworkr\Desktop\Setup MDT 2013 for Microsoft Surface Pro 3.PS1:302 char:219 + import-mdttasksequence -path "DS001:\Task Sequences\Windows 8.1 x64" -Name "Depl ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : WriteError: ( [Import-MDTTaskSequence], ParameterBindingException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterBindingFailed,Microsoft.BDD.PSSnapIn.ImportTaskSequence
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