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  1. By any chance... I am deploying new OS and when I give a name to the new computer before running the task sequence, for some reason if have more than 8 characters when applying the new OS the task sequence fails. Is there any way I can override and set it to take more characters? I noticed it fails during the applying Operating System step
  2. OK I just solved this... In my case I was able to navigate to http://sqlserver/reportsfrom the SQL server but not from the SCCM server. I checked the SQL server Firewall settings and noticed that on the inbound rules I had 1433 and 4022 opened. I added port 80 and that solved the problem. Now I am able to navigate to http://sqlservername/Reportsfrom my SCCM server and all default reports are showing in the console. I hope this helps someone having the same issue since I burnt my brain out last week looking for this simple thing... LOL Thanks,
  3. I am having a similar issue, my hierarchy is the following: I have a DC, SQL and SCCM (3 servers in total). I installed the Reporting Service Point in the SQL server. When I tried to see the default reports on the console it says no items found. This is the strange part of the issue... if I go to the SQL server and go to https://sqlserver/reportsI am able to see the configmgr folder, run the reports, and all the permissions are set correctly, but if I go to the SCCM server and try to browse for https://sqlserver/Reports it gives the not available page error. Any idea what could it be?
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