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  1. hi there

    after installing SCCM and pushing the agent on all clients , the clients have a successful installation ( checking the logs ) but simply the console isn't updating the clients view to reflect showing that they have an agent installed and approved !!


    how to solve this issue and make the console show the proper status for the clients ?


    FYI i did a restart , i did reset for services as well , no warnings no errors nothing at all , i updated the membership of the client as well with no use :(



  2. now i have a new issue

    there are some components that are showing warnings and some that shows critical ...etc the point is i want to reset ALL the logs , i reset the counts then refresh but still its showing the icon as an error or warning although there isnt any logs there ( the count is showing 0 for erros and 0 for warnings and 0 for info ) so how can i solve this at 1st then we can proceed with the current issue , i did a restart with no use :(

  3. hi there

    we have here 500 users , 499 clients were installed succesfully a special thanks for anyweb :) , but te problem is with one only

    the guy is using windows 7 , he is joined to the domain ,the client is installed succesfully and the icons are showing in control panel , the logs is showing a healthy client but in the console its showing not approved


    now i noticed another computer was approved and now its showing N/A how to solve this as well , do i need to do a reinstall ?


    thanks in advance

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