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  1. Bringing this thread back from the dead. Anyweb, any chance you can help me out. I am having the exact same issue as op. What logs would you need? Anything related to the TS or are there actual MDT logs I should grab from somewhere.
  2. I am having trouble with newly imaged machines and packages being stuck at "Waiting to Install". When I look at the execmgr.log I get the following: Package AMR00005, program Silent is ready but can not be started because package , program is currently running. Raising event: [sMS_CodePage(437), SMS_LocaleID(1033)] instance of SoftDistProgramWaitingForAnotherProgram { AdvertisementId = "AMR2006F"; BlockingPackageID = ""; BlockingProgramName = ""; ClientID = "GUID:918217e5-8cb3-4280-ac5b-754be62957ec"; DateTime = "20150717175355.461000+000"; MachineName = "testvm01"; PackageName = "AMR00005"; ProcessID = 852; ProgramName = "Silent"; SiteCode = "AMR"; ThreadID = 548; }; The problem I am faced with is that the blocking package seems to be a ghost package as the name and package ID is left blank. Has anybody ever seen anything like it before? My guess is that there is a program in my OSD task sequence that gets stuck, but the TS completes fine and without error. Can someone please chime in? Thanks in advance!
  3. Why not just create an application and for the deployment type set a requirement for install only if VS is installed?
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