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  1. To thesauce98 - I found your comments helpful. I had the exact same issue where the BDE drive content would get copied (~7MB) and when processing the 2nd volume, no content was copied and the VM just rebooted without warning. The reference VM was indeed clustered on Hyper-v 2012 R2 running on Dell hosts instead. Once removed from the cluster, the Capture step worked! Cheers
  2. Did you find a solution at all elsewhere ? I have a similar issue. Thanks Steve
  3. Been experimenting with trying to get a full TS to create a viable syspreped VHD file for use in a vdi farm. That's is proving a challenge, but my issue is with the VHD process. It seems, every vhd that got created has also created a hidden package. You can't see the package in the console, only by monitoring the distmgr log. But I noticed that the Site Server SCCMContentlib now has a loads of copies of the vhds as I've been deleting the VHD's. I've had to expand the SCCM disk space to keep going. Where I specified to save the vhd, did not have correct permissions for distmgr, but this is now
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