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  1. Hello All, My task is to trigger the HTA during windows installation and showcase the static screens while the installation continues in the background.Now the issue I'm facing is to trigger the HTA to appear on screen. I'm tying to test my sample HTA file but during installation startup, all I'm seeing is "a blank white window". Below is the code of my HTA file: <html> <head> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <style> .fullbackground{ position:relative; width:100%; /* alternative: right:0; */ height:100%; /* alternative: bottom:0; */ } img.fullbackground{ position:absolute; z-index:-1; top:0; left:0; width:100%; /* alternative: right:0; */ height:100%; /* alternative: bottom:0; */ } .messageSection { position: absolute; width: 100%; } .mainbody, .header, .footer { padding: 5px; } .mainbody { margin-top: 25px; min-height: 150px; max-height: 388px; overflow: auto; } .messagePara { font-family: Calibri; font-size: 16pt; font-weight: bold; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: center; margin-left:20%; margin-right:20%; margin-bottom:20%;} .header { margin: auto; width: 60%; padding: 10px; text-align:left; color: #FFFFFF; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 14pt; font-weight: bold; margin-top:30px; } .footer { height: 40px; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 11pt; font-weight: bold; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: center; position: absolute; width:100%; bottom:0; left:0; } </style> <HTA:APPLICATION ID="oHTA" BORDER="none" CAPTION="no" CONTEXTMENU="no" Icon="autorun.ico" INNERBORDER="no" NAVIGABLE="yes" SCROLL="no"/> <script language="javascript"> var __TITLE_VAR_TEXT = "Sample Title"; var __COPYRIGHT_VAR_TEXT = "Sample Footer"; var __MESSAGE_DISC_VAR_TEXT = "Sample Message"; var __LINKBODYBACKGROUND_VAR_TEXT = "shuttle6b.jpg"; //background image var splashWindowWidth = 637; var splashWindowHeight = 479; if (window.screen) { splashWindowLeft = (window.screen.availWidth - splashWindowWidth) / 2; splashWindowTop = (window.screen.availHeight - splashWindowHeight) / 2; } try { window.moveTo(splashWindowLeft, splashWindowTop); window.resizeTo(splashWindowWidth, splashWindowHeight); } catch(e){} function windowOnLoad() { maxWindow(); document.title = __MESSAGE_DISC_VAR_TEXT; document.getElementById("image").src=__LINKBODYBACKGROUND_VAR_TEXT; window.setTimeout("closeScreen()",5000); } function closeScreen() { self.close(); } function maxWindow() { window.moveTo(0,0); if (document.all) { top.window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight); } else if (document.layers||document.getElementById) { if (top.window.outerHeight<screen.availHeight||top.window.outerWidth<screen.availWidth) { top.window.outerHeight = screen.availHeight; top.window.outerWidth = screen.availWidth; } } } </script> </head> <body style="text-align: center; " onload="windowOnLoad()"> <div class="fullbackground"> <img id="image" class="fullbackground" /> <div class="header"> <script language="javascript">document.write(__TITLE_VAR_TEXT);</script></div> <div class="mainbody"> <p id="messagePara" class="messagePara"> <script language="javascript">document.write(__MESSAGE_DISC_VAR_TEXT);</script> </p> </div> <div class="footer"> <script language="javascript">document.write(__COPYRIGHT_VAR_TEXT); </script></div> </div> </body> </html> I've updated the required INI file with the following entries:- [sample] type = command Caption=UI Reboot=No CommandLine="mshta.exe %programfiles%\Folder_1\ Folder_2\Folder_3\Folder_4\Sample.hta" I've referred the below URLs :- http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/5968-hta-blank-screen/ http://blogs.msdn.com/b/joelschoenberg/archive/2008/08/18/maintenance-booting-your-windows-machines.aspx But none of the options worked. I also tried with passing the HTA file in arguments as mentioned below:- CommandLine=mshta.exe Arguments="%programfiles%\Folder_1\Folder_2\Folder_3\Folder_4\Sample.hta" but it didn't worked. NOTE: I've also used the direct path of "Sample.hta" file but it still didn't show up. Before installation, I've tried pressing F8 key and running the HTA using mshta.exe and that works completely fine. Can anyone please share some suggestions of how to execute this "HTA" from INI file and the correct commandLine value ? Thanks in advance.
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