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  1. Right, i think you've just answered it right there! completely forgot about distributing content.... I've just been playing with the perms and even when adding everyone back in it was still failing... So... completely forgot about distributing apps etc, since i migrated all the objects back into this new installation, i haven't distributed ANY content >.< So the app catalog installs apps from content on the DP.. can you tell a bit about how that works? where is all the DP content? When a user selects an app to install, under what security context is that executed in? I presume it
  2. Hi, I have a problem with the application catalog, initially i followed most of the setup tutorials published on this site about a year ago now, i had everything i wanted working nicely. Recently i've migrated the server objs and settings into a new domain and a new sccm installation with new site code. During my checks and re-installation i was going through folder permissions and always thought users shouldn't be able to browse the application source folder willy nilly. I'd like to know how the application catalog works in regards to security contexts, originally, i must have just ad
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