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  1. ​Hi Guys, first time posting here so apologies if this is the wrong spot. I've recently swapped out the older win 10 image for the 1511 image in our production task sequence. Has anyone been experiencing slower install times post sysprep and capture? I run through my task sequence which is fine. But then due to management direction I need to make huge wims to capture all the apps. I do a manual sysprep which then finish it off with a dism capture. After applying the new wim I start up the build it gets stuck on the "getting ready" screen for ages. I've looked at the setupact.log and the "SYSPRP Provisioning packages are applied successfully" task took approximately 1 hr 30 minutes. ​I did hack my way through getting 1511 building though. Because currently in production our adk is using 8.1. So I needed to build a custom boot winpe with not the latest adk 10 1511 but the previous one using dism to add components. ​
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