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  1. The mandatory install time has now passed. Now the update status is "Past due - will be installed". However when I click on one of the updates in the Software Center and then click "install" the status goes back to "Downloading (0% complete)". Still stumped. If you have any ideas please let me know.
  2. I need help with Software Updates on SCCM 2012. Client machine has "Downloading (0% complete)" in the Software Center for every update. There are about thirty updates that apply to this client machine. What I have done: Created an Update List Created a Deployment Package with the Updates. Downloaded the Updates and distributed the content to a DP. Content status is success. A Boundary is defined for the client. The Boundary is in a Boundary Group. The Boundary Group is assigned to the DP. The Deployment for the Update List is targeted to a Collection with one machine in it. Updates are ‚Äčavailable as soon as possible. Updates are mandatory at a future date. Why are the updates all "Downloading (0% complete)" in the Software Center? Am I missing something? Thanks.
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