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  1. Hi anyweb, OK, I'll give it a try. It may take some days to figure it out, but I'm confident to find the right tool for you. I'll be back MacAgent PS: Oh yea, I'm on holiday for a couple of days... snowboard if life Question: Which version of IPboard do you use? There are MODS to watermark images within the boad. examp. http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/3072
  2. I have no experiences in watermarking images, but what about such tools like this? http://www.picture-shark.com/watermark_freeware_image_protect_gallery_download.htm If it helps I could may be spend some time to find and check other (free) solutions!
  3. Hi anyweb, first of all I would like to thank you for your great work! I'm a fan of your SCCM instructions, which helped me a lot. Anyhow, when do you expect to reopen the SCOM Forums? McAgent
  4. Realy no one? We have about 900 SMS Clients and I don't like my solution, I'm even not sure if it fix this issue for long term. It looks like a security issue to me, but I could not find any permission denied somewhere in the log files or event logs. Any Ideas??
  5. Hello, We have a bigger problem on some SCCM clients. Since a couple of weeks the CcmExec.exe Service runs at 100% CPU on more and more clients. a look into the logfiles show up nothing special: The solution to solve this issue is, run the "SMS Agent" service under an admin account, in our case I choose an domain admin account. CcmExec.exe and Svchost.exe are than running for ~50% CPU for a while. After few minutes they are done and you may change the service account back to Local System. Does anyone know this problem? Cheers Jacques
  6. Thank you Peter I believe I got it now I had have a minor missunderstanding of this topic, I guess
  7. Yeah, this is maybe the only way to find this out
  8. Hello, After several hours of searching the internet, I've still not found a clear statement :-( My Question is: Do we have to configure the "Windows Update" on SCCM clients via GPO to use the WSUS and/or(?) SUP on the SCCM SP1 Server or not? There are tons of articles in the net, but some saying Yes others No. As I found so much help in this forum already, I hope someone can help me Cheers Jack
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