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    changes to the site

    Hi anyweb, OK, I'll give it a try. It may take some days to figure it out, but I'm confident to find the right tool for you. I'll be back MacAgent PS: Oh yea, I'm on holiday for a couple of days... snowboard if life Question: Which version of IPboard do you use? There are MODS to watermark images within the boad. examp. http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/3072
  2. MacAgent

    changes to the site

    I have no experiences in watermarking images, but what about such tools like this? http://www.picture-shark.com/watermark_freeware_image_protect_gallery_download.htm If it helps I could may be spend some time to find and check other (free) solutions!
  3. MacAgent

    changes to the site

    Hi anyweb, first of all I would like to thank you for your great work! I'm a fan of your SCCM instructions, which helped me a lot. Anyhow, when do you expect to reopen the SCOM Forums? McAgent
  4. Realy no one? We have about 900 SMS Clients and I don't like my solution, I'm even not sure if it fix this issue for long term. It looks like a security issue to me, but I could not find any permission denied somewhere in the log files or event logs. Any Ideas??
  5. Hello, We have a bigger problem on some SCCM clients. Since a couple of weeks the CcmExec.exe Service runs at 100% CPU on more and more clients. a look into the logfiles show up nothing special: The solution to solve this issue is, run the "SMS Agent" service under an admin account, in our case I choose an domain admin account. CcmExec.exe and Svchost.exe are than running for ~50% CPU for a while. After few minutes they are done and you may change the service account back to Local System. Does anyone know this problem? Cheers Jacques
  6. MacAgent

    How to configure GPO

    Thank you Peter I believe I got it now I had have a minor missunderstanding of this topic, I guess
  7. MacAgent

    How to configure GPO

    Yeah, this is maybe the only way to find this out
  8. MacAgent

    How to configure GPO

    Hello, After several hours of searching the internet, I've still not found a clear statement :-( My Question is: Do we have to configure the "Windows Update" on SCCM clients via GPO to use the WSUS and/or(?) SUP on the SCCM SP1 Server or not? There are tons of articles in the net, but some saying Yes others No. As I found so much help in this forum already, I hope someone can help me Cheers Jack