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  1. Ok I figured out the issue with the blank message and title. I needed to use the x64 serviceUI.exe. I verified this by copying both architectures of ServiceUI and put them in the same folder as the script, but named each so I know which is which (ServiceUIx86 and ServiceUIx64). In the TS, I duplicated the group that holds all the steps, but set the command line so it uses the respective serviceUI, but also named the step with x86 and x64 so I can see which one failed etc. The one with the x86 presented the blank title and message, while the one with x64 showed perfectly. Now I just need to figure the method for it to auto close since I really need this for acquired deployments. Nonetheless, thanks again for the idea and tutorial for implementing this.
  2. Hi, I know it has been awhile, but hope this thread is still monitored. I am getting the blank message and title still. In your post you said the changed TSProgressUI.exe to Explorer.exe. Did you make that change in the PowerShell script itself, or on the command line section of the TS so it now reads ServiceUI.exe -Process:Explorer.exe?
  3. I am still getting the blank message and title. I made no change to the script, and using as shown below ServiceUI.exe -process:TSProgressUI.exe %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -windowstyle hidden -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy bypass -File Display_Custom_Message.ps1 I deployed as required, not available, and left the option to show the progress bar enabled.
  4. Thanks for the nice tutorial, but unless I am missing something, seems this is for the user to click in the software center. What I am looking for is something that will automatically popup during deployment. By the way, I would like to use this with MDT. Any tips for doing how I want to?
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