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  1. After your entire post i understand that your main issue is that your PC hangs on Start Screen. Don't be panic as i have very effective and result oriented solution for you: To boot into safe mode, please follow the instructions below: Start the computer Tap 'F8' on the keyboard immediately and every one second until the Dell logo screen disappears. From there you will see the Windows Advanced Options Menu on the screen. (If the Windows Advanced Options Menu does not appear, restart the system and try again.) Select Safe mode with Networking and press Enter Log on as the administrator or as a user with administrative access Check Dell Latitude E6420 Manual- https://guideusermanual.com/product-name-latitude-e6420-manual&po=344640〈=English for more ideas.
  2. In Dell Latitude E7450 Manual- guideusermanual.com/product-name-latitude-e7450-manual&po=344655〈=English get the point that the problem occurs in updating drivers because of: You did not install the Dell driver when you installed the Dell hardware device You upgraded your Dell device but did not install the most current Dell drivers You upgraded your operating system, and your old Dell drivers are not compatible with the new Windows operating system Your Dell Driver files have become corrupt. To fix the issue, download and install the most current Dell drivers.
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