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  1. Good Day Guys i want to setup a SCCM and a WDS Server, my priority is the WDS Server. I have installed and configured the WDS Server as shown in the tutorial here. WDS, DHCP(Cisco) and the Domain Controller are all on seperate machines. Now i have to configure our Cisco DHCP Server so that i can use PXE to install and capture Windows OS Images. I read many times, that i have to activate the DHCP options #66 and #67 or something. But these options doesn´t exist on the Cisco DHCP Server. Here are the Options given on Cisco DHCP and i also attached a file with the
  2. Hello our DHCP Server is a Cisco Server. I have to specify the Path/File name for the PXE-Boot File. What PXE Boot File have i to choose, so that i can boot x86 and x64 with PXE? i have found the "pxeboot.n12" but it is available in the x86 and also in the x64 Folder on D:\RemoteInstall\Boot\ i hope, that you understand what i mean. thank you
  3. there is nothing in the control panel. firewall is also right. i tried to install the client manually, in the process explorer i also see "ccmsetup.exe" but nothing happens. do i need sccm 2007 SP2 (Beta) to install the Client on a Windows 7 ? The SP2 Beta supports officially Windows 7.
  4. i just finished setting up the sccm. i can see all the computers in my collections, that are in my domain. now i want to install the Configuration Manager client on a windows 7 pc. the pc ist called "pcvaio". i´ve found this pcvaio unter collections/all system. right click on this pc and choose "install client". than i checked "include only clients in this sites boundaries". clock ok and than finish. but on the pcvaio there is no Configuration Manager in the control panel. what have i to do, to install the Configuration Manager client on pcvaio. have i to creat
  5. Good morning i´ve completed the setting up of sccm. now i´m on this tutorial: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/489-how-can-i-configure-sccm-2007-sp1-in-windows-server-2008/ now i have to add a new boundary. my site code has to be the name of my domain, am i right? how can i add my domain(site) if the AD is on own Domain Controller? in the sccm i just see my site, that i added at the setup of sccm.
  6. It´s me again. Now i have just the problem with the wsus. we have another wsus in our environment, so i don´t want to install the wsus on the sccm. can i proceed without wsus?
  7. good morning. nice. it works i entered the name as you said. thank you. i will post again if any other problems appear.
  8. Here is a screenshot with all windows you need i think. i´v hide my real account with "domain\myaccount" you see, that my account (domain account) is in the role "sysadmin" and i am also logged in in the domain currently on the image. PC1246 is the computer where server 2008 is installed and where i want to install SCCM. The name "SCCM2007", how i called it, is just the name for the sql server or has it to the be same as PC1246 ? SQL 2005,WDS and SCCM are planned to run both on the PC1246. Are there problems, when all 3 run on one machine ? Whic
  9. Hello again i´m now setting up a Server 2008 with WDS and SCCM. The prerequisite check shows me 4 points: - "WSUS SDK on site server" - "sql server sysadmin rights" (i´m working with my domain account and i added me to the sysadmin role but this point is still there) - "domain membership" (the server is already in a domain, what´s the problem?) - "short file name (8.3) support (site system)" how to fix points 1-3 ? thank you
  10. all right. monday i will install a sccm + server and the whole things. than i will report my experience. i hope, that it will be easy to set it up. thank you again
  11. Hello our DHCP Server is running on Solaris. Is there anything special with Solaris and SCCM ? I just know, that the options on Solaris are a little bit different than on a Microsoft Server. For example for PXE Boot.
  12. Hello Community, i am new to this community. i´m from germany and my english is not the best but i hope that you understand what i mean i´m also still in education (last year from 3) and not so practised with the whole windows server thing. and now to my concern. i got the task from my boss, to set up a Server, which can deploy Software and Operating Systems. We use XP, Vista and Win 7. But the focus should be on Vista and Win 7. What need i, to deploy Applications and OS ? - Server 2008 - Windows Deployment Server on Server 2008 - SCCM on Server 2008
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