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  1. Hi all, Anyone upgraded to SCCM CB 1902 that can tell me if the feature "mobile apps for co-mgmt devices" has changes from Pre-release to release (meaning it now a "beta" feature anymore)? (it's not in SCCM CB 1810) Reason that I'm asking is that I need this feature in our co-mgmt setup and I'm not very happy about enabling pre-release feature even if Microsoft says that pre-release feature is fully supported. Hope anyone can answer my question. Regards, Daniel
  2. Hi guys, We are running SCCM 1803 with MDT 8450 intergrated and created an Standard Client TS with default MDT-ToolKit, Settings and USTM packages. We use a "Zero-touch" TS. We removed the condition in the "OSD Branding" part so it will run for each PC no mather what for each Windows 10 v.1803. The OSDResult (Deployment Summary) page is hidden behind the login screen each time so when logging in for the first time takes about 10 minuts and before we see the desktop we are able to see the "deployment summary". Have anyone seen this before and maybe have a workaround? When created a completely fresh SCCM MDT TS with only default settings the "deployment summary" page now doesn't show, so anyone know what triggers the OSDResult step to show up infront of the login screen? Hope anyone can help us in the right direction. Regards, Daniel
  3. Another great step-by-step guide from Windows-noob, thanks. Save us so much time. In one of the other step-by-step guide (I think it was in 1606) a user asked for splitting up the different SQL logs,DB,Temp and so on to different drives, maybe it would be a good ide to include that in your SQL configuration settings. Again thanks for some really nice guides.
  4. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to ask but will try anyhow. My college want to do BIOS configuration during OSD (image deployment with MDT) when preparing different Dell PC models to Win10, but I want to use the CCTK tool (from Dell) to do the configuration. My college will make the necessary configuration manually and then do a BIOS backup, and then during OSD deployment make a recovery from the backup for each model. I want to use the tool CCTK in WinPE and then do one configuration at a time with the necessary commands/parameters for "Legacy to UEFI, Enable SecureBoot, Enable virtualization,Enable/active TPM". Which of these two suggestion would be best to prepare the BIOS to Windows 10 installation? Best Regards, Daniel Skaaning
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